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DoFollow vs NoFollow Links – Why both links are good for your Websites

Today I am bringing you this small blog post about why I do personally believe and know by fact that both DoFollow Links and NoFollow Links are good for your Websites.

Now if you already visited my past blogs about What is a Do-Follow link? and What is a No-Follow link? You already know that one way of linking will give the Search Engines access to follow the destination inside the link and the other way of linking won’t let the Search Engines follow the final destination inside the link.

Now this is very important if you are really concern about passing Google Page Rank Juice to other pages. If you don’t know what Google Page Rank is and how it works? you can click in there to learn more about that.

You should have already learned that one of the main benefits by using DoFollow Links vs NoFollow Links is that DoFollow Links will pass Google Love and as a result your Page Rank and your Search Engine Result Pages (SEPR) can increase more easily.

So, why both DoFollow Links and NoFollow Links are good for your Websites? The important point that I want to give you in here is that it does not matter what kind of link you normally prefer because both links can send you traffic.

Yes Traffic! And traffic is one of the main factors to become successful online. A website without traffic is like having a store in the mall without visitors.

In other words we can say that Do-Follow Links are good for Human Traffic and SEO Traffic.

And on the other side, No-Follow Links are only good for Human Traffic which is still the best traffic you can have.

Remember that the HTML Markup that indicates to the Search Engines to follow links or not are not the only important part in your online success equation.

The big picture in here is that there are going to be humans that will be able to find your links and as you should know they are not Search Engines. They won’t even care about the HTML Markup behind the links.

Are No-Follow Links Irrelevant?

So even that the NoFollow Links won’t pass the Google Love as I explained in my post what Google Page Rank is and how it works?, they are going to be still a huge factor in sending you traffic to your site.

For instance, imaging that you have your own website and you offer online services or online consulting services, and if you visit a blog with No-Follow Links and leave good information inside the blog, people by nature will be more likely to know more about you and who you are.

If you did not know, you can comment inside blogs and leave your link inside your name. This kind of blog commenting can normally bring out a good conversation and debates about any subject.

Unfortunately most blogs these days only offer NoFollow links.

As you can see even that most blogs offer NoFollow Links inside your name, those NoFollow Links can still send you traffic because we humans are not governed by the NoFollow and DoFollow Markup as the Search Engines are.

We are not machines , so we just follow the links regardless of anything.

This can be confusing at the beginning but I hope you get the picture that both links are going to be good for you at the end because both of them will send you traffic regardless of anything. As a summary, just get both kind of links period.

So guys for this post that’s it but if you still have more questions about why these two links can still help you increasing your traffic, just leave your comment below and I will be more than glad to answer your questions.

For the mean time take care and I will see you soon.

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