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An effective Landing Page in 7 steps

Do you know what the goal of your business is? And then use the Landing Page to reach him directly. This is one of the keys to a winning Web Marketing strategy. Here because…

What if I told you that the take-off of your business begins… with the landing? No, I wasn’t confused, I intentionally used this apparent contradiction to talk to you about Landing Pages .

Perfection doesn’t exist, but…

I’ll confess something to you right away: a formula for the perfect landing page doesn’t exist. And whoever wants you to believe this is exaggerating. Also because it will not be the layout of your page that determines its effectiveness, but the conversions (or actions) that you will be able to obtain from your visitors.

So, is it worth writing a post like this? Certain! There is no doubt about one thing: the landing page is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of a web marketing strategy .

Is the home page dead?

Some say that the Home Page is dead, I prefer to think that it has changed “shape”. I’ve seen some beautiful ones around from an aesthetic point of view, but I lingered on some of them for a few more seconds to ask myself: but what is it?

What I want to tell you is that an effective Home Page must increasingly resemble a Landing: if I want a user to purchase my products or my services I have to put them in a position to do so. Forget the special effects. Flash presentations may be beautiful but they are heavy to load and difficult to view and take the potential customer away from the purpose.

A Home Page without a Call to Action or a Form to give the opportunity to contact you will never achieve its purpose, even if its template is spectacular.

What is a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is neither a homepage nor a product page, it does not have to present your brand, your products or your services. A Landing Page has a single objective, clear, defined, vital for your business: to convince visitors to take an action (fill out a form, purchase a product or even just ask for quotes or contacts). In short, transforming visits into actions.

And if you have an online business you know how important this is… It’s a bit like having a bakery if you think about it. It’s nice that many customers come in and take a look at your counter but… But if everyone leaves without buying even a Frenchie or a sweet, then you’re in trouble.

An effective Landing Page in 7 steps? Let’s build it together!

So let’s see what these 7 moves are that ensure the success of an effective landing page, transforming it into a successful tool for your online business.

1 – No external links

Be “ruthless”, you must not offer your potential client any way out, do not offer him any distractions or the possibility to “escape” .

2 – Do the 9-point test to have your effective landing page

Describe your product or service straight away: As you saw before, the Landing Page has a single purpose, so get straight to the point by talking about your product or service. As? Take the number 9 test which has nothing to do with the one you did at school.

Show your page to a relative or acquaintance: if 9 seconds are not enough for them to understand what you are offering, they will either fall asleep in front of the computer or, more likely, they will run away from your page. Either way, it means you’re off track and your marketing operation is bound to fail badly.

3 – Only yours…

What are the advantages of the product or service you sell? Tell your visitors about them in a simple, clear and concise way , they will appreciate it. Use bulleted and schematic lists that immediately capture their attention, as I told you they don’t have too much time to waste.

4 – Only you…

After the strengths of your product or service, it’s your turn. Why should users choose to rely on your site or e-commerce and not others? There will also be something that differentiates you from the competition . And if it isn’t there, hurry up and create it , build it, develop it, the web has no mercy on those who don’t have imagination and passion. I’m serious.

5 – Consistency

Your Landing Page must be consistent with the rest of your site or e-commerce site. It’s not just a matter of good taste, but of reliability. And I’m not just talking about the chromatic aspect and the layout you will choose, but also the tone of voice you will use to launch your offer.

6 – Feedback

Don’t ask your visitors to take your word for it , but let them read up on you and make up their own minds. ‘ But if they don’t have to leave my Landing Page, what do I do’ ? If you’re wondering, here’s the answer you were looking for: give them the opportunity to read feedback and reviews from customers who have already used your products or services.

Do you have any idea how much a positive review is worth? In fact, you just need to take a look at the tourist portals that compare hotels or restaurants to realize this. Do you agree?

7 – Action!

The forms to be filled out or the Call to Actions that invite users to take action must be immediately visible, captivating and original. The forms must be streamlined, fillable in 30 seconds maximum even by those who only use the two index fingers on the keyboard. And the CTAs must provoke decisively. An example: “Ask for information” or “Get information”. The difference between asking and getting is huge, isn’t it? After all, asking is legitimate, answering is courtesy.


Have I now convinced you that the take-off of your business begins right from the landing? Fasten your seatbelts and… let’s go!

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