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Hello there, inside this quick post, I just want to inform that today we are releasing our fifth Free Joomla Responsive Template call CMS Grey.

This will be our fifth Free Joomla Template that we are making available to the public.

As you can see from the pictures below this will be a responsive template.

CMS Water Free Joomla Responsive Template Desktop

CMS Water Free Joomla Responsive Template iPhone

CMS Water iPhone Vertical View

CMS Water Desktop Computer View

Now before you download this Free Template, please make sure you understand two things.

1) First, you will be able to learn more about the functionality of this template by visiting our Free Joomla Templates Video Support.

Inside there, you will learn how to activate the:

a) Top Links
b) Social Media Icons
c) Logo
d) Banner
e) Showcase
f) Columns

2) Second, we are NOT going to give Free Forum Support or personal support.

If you want to learn to develop templates, modify templates, and get support from us, you will need to join our Joomla Templates Bootcamp by watching the video How to Build a Joomla Template.

Read this before download template

With that being said here is the link to download your CMS Grey Joomla Template.

Download CMS Water Joomla Template

Click Here to See Preview

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