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Many small business owners don’t believe that their companies can benefit from having a website, and even more think that websites are not within their budgets. Or you may even be thinking that since you don’t use a computer, your potential customers also don’t. Well, these are serious misconceptions. Here are eight reasons to show you why your small business needs a professional website.

Your Business Gains Credibility

In the current dispensation, more consumers use the internet when searching for the products and services they need. Having a website will help your business to gain credibility. Without a website, your potential customers will move to your competitors who do. If you have a “home-made” site, ensure that it is professionally re-designed. Doing this will give your business a professional image, which in turn inspires greater confidence among your potential customers. This is especially beneficial for home-based businesses that don’t have a storefront to promote their products and services.

It Saves You Money

Many small business owners think they cannot bear the cost of a professional website. The truth is you can’t afford NOT to. Although the price of designing a new website varies, once it is built and running, it costs less than $100 per month to maintain it. Comparing this cost to the expense of a newspaper ad, and the potential customers you can reach through your website, you will find that a website is a more cost-effective way of promoting your business.

It Keeps Your Customers Informed

Your website is your online catalogue or brochure. It is easier and quicker to update information about your products and services on your site compared to print material. A website is an effective way of making your customers know about the upcoming events, arrival of new products, special offers and promotions, and new services you have launched. Ads become quickly outdated, but your site will provide current news and information to your potential and existing customers.

Your Website is Always Accessible

A website makes your business always available to both your potential and regular customers 24/7, giving them the ability to review your products and services even when your store is closed. With the current busy lifestyle, a website is a great selling point for customers who want to make purchase decisions.

It is Easy to Target an International Market

Whether you are providing products or services, your website will give you the best platform for selling them. An e-commerce site will also provide you with a perfect opportunity to sell products to a global market, especially if you are a retailer.

It is a Medium to Showcase Your Work

Regardless of your type of business, a website is a good place to showcase your work. When you include an image, gallery or portfolio and testimonials to your services, you can show what makes your business unique.

A Website Saves You Time

It takes some time to provide information to your customers, whether through brochures, phone, face-to-face or through emails. An online catalogue will help you to offer a lot of information about your products or services once your site is running and active. This information is available to your clients indefinitely, saving you a lot of time and money.

A professional website not only makes it easier for you to provide information to your customers but also helps you to reach a wider audience and market. If you need a professional website or local SEO services, consult a professional company such as

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