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During the previous decades, people got habituated with landing on a website and witnessing pretty much the same old thing. There has always been a huge diversity of pictures, colors, illustrations and typography and a menu either across the top or the down side so that we could easily follow the commands. However, with time, layout artists and web designers have kept on experimenting with designs and each year they’ve come up with new designing trends that took web layouts to an altogether new level. As we take a look at 2015, a year that is almost going to end, here are some web designing trends that have come to the forefront and compelled users for experiencing them.


  1. Split screens: The split screen design features a division which is done vertically through which 2 elements can be presented. The reason for which this kind of layout can be implemented is to either show that the business has two things to promote, which are of equal importance or to promote the vital essentials of its products on one side and present the photos on the other half. For instance, a clothing site will use the same layout where you scroll down the images of the products on one side and read about it on the other half.
  2. Symmetrical blocks: This is another new designing layout where the webpage is divided into different blocks, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. These blocks might be of the same size when the elements are of same importance and when the elements are different in accordance with the importance, the sizes of the blocks can be different. Such modules can be used on those pages apart from the home page and it can often be a flexible form of web designing. They also fit into screens of mobile devices.
  3. Goodbye chrome embellishments: Few years back, cars were encased and made large by chrome embellishments. Nowadays, this term relates to the site and page design and clearly refers to all the headers, containers, borders, footers that contain within a page. Presently, the designers believe that chrome embellishments distract the user, when the main focus should solely be on the focal point of the page. Hence, these distractions are nowadays eliminated and a clean and nice effect is achieved.
  4. Parallax backgrounds: Last, but not the least, a final design background has emerged where big and huge backgrounds can set the mood and tone of the website. When the backgrounds are busy, then the other designing elements in the foreground and middle can be minimal. In fact a more minimalist background will better support busier middle elements.

According to experts from One Stop Creates, design layouts of 2015 display experimentation and diversity which seamlessly blends unusual and unique layouts with traditional concepts. Site layout can now be considered as a new form of art that weaves photography, animation, illustration, typography, form, color and line for achieving engaging effects.

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