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It’s time to get started on a new project, but which tools do you use to build your website? There are thousands of options online and trying to pick the one that is the best can be confusing. In this article, we are going to go over some factors that will help you decide which tools are the best for you and what you need.

What Type of Project Are You Working On?

Depending on the type of project you are working on, you are going to need something very different for instance if you are building an eCommerce store, there are custom solutions that will be more suited to this task, as opposed to setting up a blog.

The more that you clearly define how you want the site set up and what you want the site to do once it is set up, the easier it is going to be for you to make it happen.

How Reliable Is the Company?

If you put your hard work into a website, you want to make sure the company that you are working with is going to be around for the long haul. Even if you like the products that they offer, if they are going to go out of business in 3 years, this isn’t helpful to you.

You also have to make sure that the site you are working on is going to have a good uptime. If you are using a website’s hosting, that determines how good your uptime is going to be. You can look at the uptime guarantees on the site for an idea of what their standards are, but there is really no way to police the providers to ensure they are sticking to their guarantees.

How Popular Is the Builder?

Are there are a lot of people that are using the builder? If you look at the CMS WordPress, you will find that there are around 30% of all websites using this CMS. In this case, you would be doing your own hosting so you have the ability to control more aspects of the project and ensure that you get the results that you want. This is one of the reasons people migrate from squarespace to WordPress. The ability to have more control over your online asset will allow you to be more effective and helpful to the people that you want to serve through your website.

Is There an Increasing Number of Users?

Knowing that more people are start websites on a platform is a good way to tell that people are still recommending the builder and telling people about their success. Of course, people will come to the site through advertising, but if others were not satisfied, they would be leaving as soon as they were coming. Looking at the growth of a website builder company can be a good indicator of whether or not it is a viable option.

Can You Get in Touch With Their Support?

If you are trying to find an all in one solution for a website builder and you are looking at sites like Weebly and Wix, it is important that you check to see if their customer service is responsive and helpful. You are going to be paying for the service so you need to make sure that you have support throughout the process of building your site.

On the other hand, if you have WordPress you aren’t going to get much in the sense of customer support since it is an open source software that is free to the public. However, you do get a massive community of people that have most likely experienced the same challenges that you are currently going through and they are more than happy to help. This support usually comes through forums that have been created to help WordPress users. If you Google any question, you almost always get a search result that is a forum answer to your exact question with the help you need to proceed.

What Is the Refund Policy?

When you buy a website builder, you need to make sure that they have a fair and clear refund policy. If there is no refund policy, this might be a red flag. They need to be confident in the products and services that they are offering to their new customers and having a good refund policy shows where they stand.

If you get into the website builder and figure out it isn’t what you want, you want to be able to get your money back. If a builder has a free option, you can always use the free trial to make sure that you like how to service works which will mean you won’t have to worry about buying the service, using it for a day and disliking it.


Choosing the best website builder for your project is important. If you decide that you want to use WordPress as your CMS, there are a lot of great page builder plugins, like BeaverBuilder that will help you build your WordPress site without having to go through any difficult coding or other hoops. You get simplicity and ease of use and that is what most new website builder need.

If you have any experience working with web builders, what is your best advice for finding the right one? Leave us a comment with your best tips in the section below.

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