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Trends come and go. It’s true for fashion, and it is true for websites. If your website is out of date then people will immediately mistrust it. How can they expect your business to be on top of the times if your website is almost ten years out of date? If it’s ugly, or hard to use, how do you expect your customers to stay?

Websites are the front of your business. They are your digital entity; they represent who you are as a company and they are essential to your success. If your site isn’t performing well or doesn’t look phenomenal, then you will need to learn how to revamp your website.

What Does a Website in 2020 Need to Have?

A website in 2020 needs to be and have many things. You need to stand out, offer something new, and above all else, be memorable. None of these things are possible, however, until you have these building blocks below:

1.    Mobile-First Design

Most users access the Internet with their mobile phones, so having a design that looks great and works beautifully on mobile phones is essential.

2.    Easy-to-Use Interface

Users should be able to easily find all the information that they want on your website with ease.

3.    Beautiful Layout

At the end of the day, life is a bit of a beauty contest, so work hard to ensure your site looks stunning.

4.    Fast Speeds

Users have very short attention spans. Make sure your site works quickly so server lag doesn’t mean you lose a customer.

5.    Expert Security

Invest in security for your customers’ peace of mind and to protect yourself from cybercrime.

6.    Top Quality Content

Create quality content both on your pages and your blog to encourage more people to link to your work.

7.    Internal and External Links

Improve the linking structure on your site and use a combination of SEO and PR to encourage more people to insert links to your site on their own.

How to Revamp Your Website

Knowing what you need and making it happen are two entirely different things. It is also irresponsible to assume you automatically know what your website needs. That is why you will want to do the following:

·       Have Your Website Audited

SEO specialists can go through your website and conduct a full audit. They will be looking for things like site structure, speed, security, and content. They will create a roadmap of what is wrong and what you need to improve.

·       Hire Professionals to Redesign It

Once you have this roadmap, you can then take the suggestions to a web design Wolverhampton agency and get not just an update to your design, but to the function of your website as well. You want your site to look good and function perfectly if you are to attract the attention of search engines and users alike.

·       Work with an SEO Specialist to Improve It

Once your site is beautiful and all the technical errors have been fixed, it’s time to go back and work with an SEO strategist or SEO copywriter to improve the content on your site. It needs to be well written, formatted correctly, and also needs to include the keywords that help describe your website best.

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