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The emergence and growth of social media platforms have changed how users interact with brands. They have become more aware and are constantly looking out for upgrades.

Facebook is the most used social media platform with billions of active users. As a result, it has become a key place for marketers to market their brands. One of the many efficient ways to gather user trust is a review given by an existing user.

Potential users do their part of research before investing in a brand. Then, positive and well-responded negative reviews help them make their final call.

Reviews play an influential role in customer acquisition. They act as an authentic source of advertisement and are one of the best forms of social proof for your brand. Therefore, utilizing this asset optimally is non-negotiable. One way to do this is by embedding it on the websites of the brands.

Why Is Displaying Facebook Reviews On The Website Important?

Here are some stats to consider:

  • 92% of the consumers go through reviews before visiting a store
  • 79% of the consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations given by friends and family
  • Brands having “excellent” reviews are likely to get about 31% more attention from the customers

Having known the facts, now let us look at the other aspects of displaying Facebook reviews on website:

1. Increase Your Reach

Building a social media presence and getting favourable reviews from your users is not enough by itself to upsell as millions of people are still not following your business on Facebook.

By displaying Facebook review widgets on your website, you can easily reach out to them and others and increase your reach tremendously. Well, isn’t that the biggest advantage of social media? A boundless reach?

2. Maximize Engagement

User engagement is no more a fad. Brands that struggle with engagement, struggle to thrive in the sphere of online competition.

But by displaying Facebook review widgets on your website, you can easily overcome this obstacle. The visitors will be hooked to know what the existing users have to say about the brand and their experience after incorporating its products into their lives.

Moreover, since the widget gets updated in real-time, it can further lure the viewers’ attention and keep them hooked.

3. Makes Your Website Lively

Your website creates the first impression in the minds of the visitors. An unattractive website will turn their attention away from your brand. So, to ensure that your website is vibrant and self-speaking, embed a Facebook review widget.

UGC influences the minds of the users and how! Landing upon pages that boast about your customer’s reviews, customized to align it with your brand’s aesthetics, will effortlessly create an amazing first impression and might even induce them to make a purchase.

4. Better Conversions

Upselling is the biggest concern of businesses today. Here, leveraging UGC comes to relief, as it influences the purchase decisions of 90% of the buyers.

Users use social media platforms to discover products that they can incorporate into their lives. By showcasing them UGC, you create a sense of familiarity in their mind. It further helps in capitalizing on the inspiration and impulse of the users.

Greater lead generation and conversions aren’t far-fetched with user-generated authentic content embedded on the website.

5. Improves Brand Trust

User trust isn’t an easy win while conducting business online. To win the trust of your audience, showcasing authenticity, reliability, and credibility is important.

Users trust faces more than a faceless brand. They look up to the reviews, experiences, and opinions that the existing users of the brand share to know if the brand is worth their trust and investments or not.

Moreover, users’ trust drives brand advocacy and loyalty too. Users that trust your brand are likely to stay with you on your journey and might also promote your products more often than not by word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

By displaying Facebook reviews on your website, you tremendously improve your search engine’s ranking.

When visitors land upon your website and run through customer reviews, the time that they spend on it increases. An increased visitor dwell time further contributes to improving the ranking of your business’s website.

An improved search engine ranking can further help you improve your business’s reach and lead generation capacity.

Over To You

The benefits of displaying Facebook reviews on the website are massive. More and more brands are opening up to showcasing their users’ feedback on the website as a part of their marketing strategy to boost their market penetration efforts.

So, now that you know about the practice being impactful, cost-effective, and result-driving, why not implement it still?

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