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The main aim of any marketing strategy is to reach out to prospective clients and convince them to consider your products. To do that, you must package yourself attractively. You must make yourself stand out from your competitors. Today, achieving that is more than just passing the message of your brand to potential clients. Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses roll their awareness strategies. At the center of this revolution sits search engine optimization. In this era, one of the keys to a successful business is ensuring that you dominate pages of search engines such as Google.

To realize such a dream, you need a winning SEO campaign strategy. You need a workable formula that will not only increase traffic to your site, but also boost ROI eventually. So what should you include in this winning formula?

  • Appropriate keyword dominance

The goal of SEO is to increase website traffic. There are over 130 million websites on Google; that translates to cut throat competition. So how do you ensure that your website stays ahead of the pack and is easily accessible by potential customers? The keywords you use on your site play an essential role in overall search engine rankings. The more the keywords on your website, the higher the probability of it appearing in web searches. Ensure that your website is effectively dominated by keywords. However, be careful not to be a victim of excessive keyword density.

Most people only consider the first three results that appear or the first page that appears on a search. There are many websites so you need to ensure that your website tops the list in ranking. By investing in the appropriate keywords, you stand a chance of propelling your site to top search results pages.

  • Focus on quality backlinks

The use of keywords may increase the appearance of your website in Google searches, but it does not necessarily increase your ranking. Google ranks pages based on the backlinks. The more the backlinks, the more important a page is considered to be. Backlinks direct potential customers to your website. You can create backlinks on other websites or articles. Ensure as many websites as possible refer to your website. This will attract visitors to those sites to also look at your website. Guest posting on high-profile sites and linking back to your website is another way of achieving this.

  • Effective web design

Just as first impression lasts, so does the impression your website creates influence your customer traffic. Design your website in the most attractive manner, relevant to the products you offer. People are often reluctant to read long posts but they get attracted to images, so you can have pictures of your products well designed on your website. Worth noting, optimizing your site for SEO stretches beyond user-friendliness and easy navigation. Your business website should be highly responsive, making it suitable for use across multiple devices..

  • Ensure strong social media presence

Every type of marketing is based on publicity. Good SEO marketing involves monitoring your online presence. You should be viewed so often that you become a recognized brand name. Clients should be able to associate given products with you.

You can easily take advantage of various social media platforms to achieve this. Although it might be true that social signals have minimal impact on SEO rankings, they can help you attain quality backlinks, which are essential when it comes to search engine ranking. Keep track of your online presence to evaluate how your business marketing is faring. The evaluation helps to identify any positive or negative divergence in publicity. The more potential customers you reach out to, the more your business grows. You can then analyze reasons for any positive or negative deviations and develop ways of constantly increasing your online presence.

  • Flexible and engaging content

How do you build your content to attain your desired marketing goal? The aim of the content should be to inform potential customers about your business. A recent SEO Malaysia research shows that websites that use different types of content stand better chances of dominating top pages in search results. Incorporate both videos and written posts.

Create videos that capture key aspects of your business, such as the type and quality of your products, and ensure the video goes viral. You can ensure the video goes viral by posting it on social media sites with backlinks to your website. Posting the video on YouTube can also attract great viewership, which will translate to more people visiting your website to find out more about your business. This is an effective way of gaining quality links, which will have a positive effect on your website’s ranking.


Business is all about marketing. How aggressive you are in promoting your business trickles down to sales and profit turnover. SEO presents a real-time opportunity totake your business to the next level. It just depends on how well you use it.


Jeremy Macklin is a SEO consultant based in Malaysia. He has written several blogs on digital marketing and related topics. Feel free to get in touch with him in case of any questions on SEO Malaysia.

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