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Hello guys Luis here and today, I am bringing a topic that probably is taboo for some people and it is bad for others. But the fact in my personal experience and view is that a lot of people is either making bad assumptions because 1) they have being uninformed and 2) they have never learned anything related to these techniques and use them in their websites.

As a consequence, they are just making bad conclusions from what they have heard on the internet.

As a reminder, humans normally do this kind of things. When they hear something from a good resource or what they think is a good resource, they just normally believe it.

You should always learn more from different resources and try to make your best conclusions.

Now, what I am going to be talking in here is about Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

As I have probably mentioned before White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are two great SEO Techniques that anyone should learn in order to open their minds regarding this online art. Yes, you should be aware that there are specific parts from the Black Hat SEO that will probably harm your websites, deteriorate your reputation, and probably even put you in jail.

But when I am referring to Black Hat SEO, I am not referring to E-Mail Spamming, Keyword Stuffing, Stealing Credit Cards, Cheating Customers, Hacking Websites, or anything that can probably put you in a situation that you can probably be sorry later on the road.

But before going there, let’s take a quick look to what White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is and how they differentiate. In here, I will be mainly talking about the linking part on the SEO World because links are the greatest factors to rank better on the Search Engines overall.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO is basically the process to create links manually which look natural to the Search Engines.

Some examples of these manual links are:

1) Visiting blogs and commenting while leaving your link inside your name.
2) Visiting forums and becoming active members and leaving your links inside your signature.
3) Visiting Article Directories and submitting your articles with your links.
4) Visiting Web Directories and inserting the links inside them.

These are only a few techniques and the thing that makes these techniques White Hat SEO is because we need to personally visit those sites and insert the links manually. The problem with this process is that it can take lots of time while building links. So you will need to be really selective where you expend your time while creating White Hat SEO Links.

Also White Hat SEO means to follow some standards that according to the SEO community or whatever person or set of persons, they think it is always the right thing to do.

In other words White Hat SEO is the process of optimizing your website by using “Good Techniques”. (This is according to the community which in my personal experience is not always good to follow that advice.)

But now let’s see what part of the Black Hat SEO will be good for your Joomla Websites. Again everything in here is about creating links because the more links we have the better.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Now Black Hat SEO has been normally given the picture of the Dark Arts from the SEO. People think that all Black Hat SEO is really bad, but in fact is NOT. Remember, in here I am not referring to E-Mail Spamming, Keyword Stuffing, Stealing Credit Cards, Cheating Customers, Hacking Websites, Breaking Governmental Laws, or anything that bad.

Yes I know that normally Black Hat SEO is known by those bad things. But you can use black hat tools to create links to your sites more quickly, sometimes in big quantities, and just merely by automatizing the process of link building.

Have in mind that people will say that you could get sandboxed by Google which means, Google will expel you from their Search Engine Result Pages.

But let me ask you this, if you could really get sandboxed by Google by just creating a lot of links pointing to your website, what is stopping competitors to creating lots of links to their enemies so they can get them sandboxed from Google? Just think about it.

The key here is Moderation. Using Black Hat SEO Tools in moderation will help, but if you go overboard, that my friends will be no good but just waste of your time.

1) Again we don’t want to make bad things, so imagine this, what about if you could have a software where you can actually insert your articles to all of your favorite Article Directories at once without the necessity to visit each site every time?

2) What about if you could submit your websites to all your favorite Web Directories without the necessity to visit each site?

3) Ask yourself this, would you save time using this tools by instead visiting each site?

I will say, Hell yeah!

Now probably I will disappoint you because I won’t be giving more details for now, but right now you already know that not all Black Hat SEO is really bad and in fact you should start learning as soon as you can because these two sides of SEO are good for you. You will need to start open your mind to this Hidden SEO World.

From the meantime take care.

Let me know your thoughts and what SEO Techniques do you use? Don’t forget to comment.

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