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Hello my friends Luis here and inside this Joomla Tutorial, I will show you how to create a Joomla Slideshow.


Inside this example I am going to be using the Free CMS Grey Responsive Joomla Template.

Now keep in mind that this will be the general idea how to create slideshows and before you even start watching this video you will need to know a few things.

1) First, you will need to know the Template Position you are going to use to display this showcase.

2) Second, you will to know the dimensions from that specific template position.

3) And third, you will need to create images to fit that specific template position.

So these are going to be the main things you need to look for while taking this quick this Joomla tutorial.

With that begin said my friends let’s go ahead and watch the video.

Watch Video How to create a Joomla Slideshow

Download Slideshow CK

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