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Do you want to know why you will never be able to do great things with Joomla?

Yes I know, that’s not the greatest motivational question line that I can give you but it goes with what I want to share with you today.

Now everything that I will be sharing with you on this post I can assure you that you already know everything about it.

Because these are things that we humans understand since the day we start rationalizing in our lives.

However the problem is that we don’t either care or we just forget about these problems that every human has.

And as a consequence, we don’t apply solutions to eliminate these parasite behaviors from our lives.

I don’t know if you have heard before but the majority of America’s Wealth resides only inside 1% from all the American population.

That 1% is the US elite or how I once heard in Mexico.

“La crema y la nata de la sociedad.” – Meaning the cream of the crop; very distinguished people.

They are ones that have been able to achieve great things over time and thanks to their hard and focused work, they have reached that level.

Now, you should be wondering what the heck that has to do with Joomla, right?

What the heck  that has to do with Joomla?

Well my friends that’s really simple because that example will make you understand and remember a simple pattern in life.

1. Why do you think most of the humans on this planet will never achieve something in their lifetimes?

2. Why do you think most of the people will never reach their dreams?

3. Why do you think they will quit to anything at their first hard problem they encounter?

If you are still wondering or you are still probably lost, well, let me add Joomla to these questions.

1. Why do you think most of the people will never achieve great things with Joomla?

2. Why do you think most of them will quit Joomla and use a different software to just to find out that they will finishing quitting again?

3. Why do you think most of them will just trash Joomla at their first hard problem they find?

I hope now this picture starts shaping inside your brain because this is really simple but really important.

Now I have to tell you the true, even that I create this blog to help people with Joomla, I am not the one who has the power to make others understand and reach their dreams with Joomla because in fact they are the ones and you are the one who will make anything possible in your life and NOT ME.

Since I started to teach people online about Joomla, I have been able to discover a pattern, well not really discover because the pattern has been already out there for a while.

I just remembered these problems.

Everyone one of us has, including me, these 5 problems that make us stop every time and that don’t let us accomplish great things in life.

No one, at least if you are human, has an immune system against these issues.

Are you human?

However we have the capacity to eradicate little by little from our lives these destructive mindsets.

We need to remember again that these problems or bad behaviors exist because without them, we won’t be able to reach any dream we want with this Joomla CMS System.

Those problems are there to test our capacities to resolve problems and our capacity to find the solutions in our lives.

So here are the 5 patterns or problems that every human has and the main reason why they will never achieve something great with anything and not only with Joomla.

1. We Love Easiness

Most people/humans want to get things done easily. Yes I mean. I love easy things and I can assure you that you love them too. The problem here is when we start loving easy things so much that when we encounter a problem we just quit. That is what happens with most people in Joomla.

With Joomla you can build websites easily and that’s true. But if you want to take your knowledge to the next level like building your own template, extension, build the next Craigslist, or just modify the CSS code, that my friends will require more effort from you.

Easy things are great but not all the time. You need to work hard at the beginning when trying to reach your goals.

It is like reaching the top of a mountain. If you really want to play in the BIG JOOMLA LEAGUES, the initial process is really hard but when you get to the top everything else will be down the hill.

Easy as counting 1, 2, and 3…

2. Would you really die for learning and making big things with Joomla?

Do you have a Survivor Mind Set? To achieve things on life, you will need to have a special mindset that I personally call survivor mindset.

Just imaging somebody whose life is in danger in a desert island or just somebody who has survived a big fatal crash, although not all them will react with a positive outlook in life, many people that have live near death experiences will start living life with a survivor mindset that will let them do great things on life.

That special mindset to fight for anything like if today was your last moment on earth can get you anywhere you want.

Check This Video To See What I Am Talking About.

Don’t Cry to Give Up. Cry to KEEP GOING!

3. We don’t really read, listen, and understand. We just kind of read, listen, and understand.

Have you ever read a book that you really love and that you actually read more than once?

Most people when learning new things they don’t actually focus the full attention on the training. They just barely listen and barely scan whatever book they read or whatever video they watch.

If you really want to understand something, you will need to really open your mind and understand everything. If you don’t understand something, well guess what? You will need to read or watch again and again the whole thing until the whole knowledge sink inside your brain.

Practicing, researching, and doing a lot of mistakes is a key part to mastering anything in life. And of course learning from somebody else’s mistakes is a plus.

4. We Love Laziness

We all are lazy at some point or another in our lives. And well let’s be honest who does not love to just sit around and enjoy whatever thing they like to relax.

The problem here is when we make that kind of lifestyle a habit. Believe me guys being lazy is the most easy and one of the most addictive things that we can have if we really let laziness control us.

5. We create False Expectations

Things won’t happen overnight. People that think that to build websites in Joomla is easy, they are too dam right. But most of them don’t even think about how hard is to get traffic and then to make sales online.

Building websites is one part of the puzzle.

Then comes Website Optimization, SEO, Online Marketing, Strategies to growth your Online Business, and many other things that most people will never even think about.

Becoming successful in life and with Joomla will take some serious work from you.

But building just a website with Joomla not so much.

Don’t just think because you already learned Joomla everything else will follow you easily.

Look at yourself and what are you doing with your life after watching this.

Keep always learning, researching, and working hard to become successful in your life.

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