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I think most Joomla professionals will agree with me on this one, but Internet Explorer 6 is a pain in the ass for many Joomla Developers out there.

Since I started developing Joomla Sites, I always tried to cover almost every browser out there including IE6.

Now, you will need to know that building compatible IE6 Joomla Websites can be really simple to accomplish if you actually use valid HTML Markup and valid CSS 2.1 rules.

However today is well known that most Joomla Developers have stopped supporting IE6 since around January 2011.

Even that many people have explicitly claimed they won’t support this browser, still many of them won’t apply a warning or just they don’t merely block IE6 inside their Joomla Sites.

Now in here I don’t want to criticize in a bad way because many will argue that it is not wise to just block IE6, some developers will actually prefer to just display a warning.

However in my personal view blocking IE6 will actually be the best option because in that way you can eliminate a lot of headaches that this browser will cause you.

On this post, I won’t show you how to actually block IE6 because if you want to know how to do that you can just visit my blog post How to block IE6 in Joomla 2.5.

For the meantime, it will be better for you to block IE6 than getting an embarrassment with the mess that this browser will create in your Joomla Website.

Here are 10 examples from well-known Joomla websites that become a mess inside IE6.

Remember if you don’t support that browser, just block it.

Joobi Joomla Website – Joobi.co

Joobi.co Joomla Website

RS Joomla Website – RSJoomla.com

RS Joomla Website

Rockettheme Joomla Website – Rockettheme.com

Rockettheme Joomla Website

Alledia Joomla Website – Alledia.com

Alledia Joomla Website

Main Joomla Website – Joomla.org

Main Joomla Website

Nonumber Joomla Website – Nonumber.nl

Nonumber Joomla Website

Rochen Joomla Website – Rochenhost.com

Rochen Joomla Website

Shape5 Joomla Website – Shape5.com

Shape5 Joomla Website

Joomlablogger Joomla Website – Joomlablogger.net

Joomlablogger Joomla Website

iJoomla Joomla Website – iJoomla.com

iJoomla Joomla Website

InternetTeachings Not a Joomla Website – InternetTeachings.com

Joobi.co Joomla Website

I believe that nobody is perfect and it does not matter how professional we are, everybody does mistakes. Again this post is not to criticize in a bad way but just a reminder that IE6 is still alive and many people still use it for different reasons.

That’s why I do include myself (InternetTeachings.com) on this list. But just a quick reminder that this site is not a Joomla Website, however nonetheless, I forgot to optimize or just to block IE6 inside there.

Anyways, those who have been following me already know that InternetTeachings.com is on live support and it is already dying because CMSTeachings has just born.

I hope this post helps you and if you want to block IE6 like I did on CMSTeachings.com. (see the picture below)

Just visit my post how to block IE6 on Joomla.

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