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Adaptivity Pro specializes in offering blog services for customers. Blogging is a valuable tool that businesses can use to help connect with clients and further their SEO search results.

  1. A blog is a simple platform for connecting and sharing relevant information with customers.
  2. Blogs help to fuel SEO. Search engines love new, fresh content.
  3. Blogs do not require professional designs or advanced graphic skills.
  4. According to surveys, more than 60-percent of businesses that blog generate more customers.
  5. Blogs are considered the heart of marketing efforts, fueling information for social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email and newsletters.
  6. Blogs allow companies to introduce new services, products, topics, market trends and much more.
  7. Blogs allow writers to share their expertise on subjects.
  8. Blogs help promote two-way conversations with prospects, customers and industry peers. Articles help promote comments, interaction and feedback. It is important to reply to all comments.
  9. Blogs can include industry topics, news and information customers find interesting and engaging.
  10. Blogs are free advertising.
  11. Blogs help build relationships, confidence and ultimately sales. Customers look to companies for reliable sources of information within the industry.
  12. Blogging must be business focused or it will not attract readers.
  13. Staying ahead of the curve, allows bloggers to be leaders and not followers, giving them more credibility.
  14. Consider explaining the brand’s story. Blogs are an excellent place to explain a company’s history, discuss employees and present ideas. Explain why the company is in business and how they can help customers.
  15. Blogs are very cost-effective marketing investments. Regular blogging is a long-term asset that helps to generate and build brand awareness, while promoting products, expertise and services.
  16. Blogs help provide insight into audiences. Blog analytics programs allow businesses to track readers, popular topics, click-throughs, shares, and comments. These even explain what days of the week are the most popular for posts.
  17. Blogging will begin to be inspiring.

Overall, blogs enhance companies’ visibility, add a touch of humanization, build trust and credibility, establish industry expertise, promote policies and products, address important issues and help generate leads.

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