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Starting a website is a great way to express ideas, share information or even run your ecommerce business. The internet has become a hub of such a wide variety of activities and therefore more and more people are using it. You can design a website that promotes your product or brand and get people with similar interest to visit your site. Designing and starting up a website has become much easier with web design templates.

Website design template

A website design template is predesigned WebPages where you can fill in your own content, images and videos. Developers create these pre-designed web pages using HTML and CSS codes allowing anyone to customize the website into their own without having to a hire a web designer to start from scratch. The HTML and CSS are code languages that allow web browsers to consider the web pages as already designed.

Web templates are suitable for individuals who are working on a tight budget and starting up their own website as it saves you the cost of designing. You can slightly edit the layout of the website but all the content you put in will be personalized.

Types of website templates

You can find generally two types of pre-designed websites online:

  • A self –contained downloadable site
  • A web builder interface with HTML software editing program

These pre-designed pages can have a static, adaptive or responsive in design. You can install the following types of content into your web page: Text, .jpg, .png, and .gif images, Animations. Contact forms, Slideshows, Shopping carts, Embed YouTube videos. Once you purchase a website template, there is usually no restriction on how you set up the website.

Choosing a web design template

With such a wide variety of website design templates to choose from, you need to find one that best suits your needs. Carefully consider your options because different templates have different capabilities. Website templates viewable on mobile are great if you want to target both desktop and mobile device user, which is everyone. You should also consider a template with an adaptive design that allows you to include media queries CSS code, where the design targets a desktop browser and mobile device separately.

PowerPoint templates

You can also find pre-designed PowerPoint templates for making your presentations. If you want to make a lasting impression on your audience, you need to make a presentation that captures their attention and creates a lasting impression of your brand. A predesigned PowerPoint temp allows you to enter your own content into the template design with little or no layout changes at all. These templates are design by professional designers who understand all the essential features that make a presentation attractive from color schemes to font and image placement. There is such a wide array of templates to choose online and they further categorize into different niches such as business, art and academic presentations among others.


Clare Lawford is a website developer who uses website design templates to develop websites. You can read more about design templates and the different options at powerslides.com.

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