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Successful business is all about management. Decentralizing these management processes into different departments is the best way to ensure that each area of operation gets the specialized attention it needs. If you want to start a business, you cannot operate without the following:

Human resources

The human resources department for most small and medium business often integrates with the roles of the administration. However, if you have a sizeable number of employees, it is advisable to have a human resource office that will vet recruits, assign employee roles and take care of employee welfare. Your employees are a vital asset to your business and they need to feel regarded as such.


The whole point of doing business is making money and you have to spend this money wisely. The accounting department handles all bookkeeping necessary for the business in the fiscal year. Every business needs an accountant. These professionals are also responsible for ensuring your business is tax compliant, paying business bills and even managing the employee payroll. The accountant ensures that your money works for you by covering all the necessary financial costs to keep the business going.

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising is necessary to grow your businesses popularity. What is the point of having a business if no one knows about it? Marketing covers pricing of products, packaging of products, services, and even the creative materials you use to inform customers about what the company is all about. The marketing office conducts research to determine the needs of the customer and ensures the business meets these needs. Consumer and market research ensures that your business is at par with industry standards and your pricing meets the market expectations of such products and services in order to get more customers

Sales department

The sales department could simply mean the cashier who operates the till at the grocery store. The sales department facilitates the delivery of products or services to the customer. The sales team is often part of the marketing department because sometimes it has to do a bit of convincing before the purchase is sealed. The sales department is where your company builds customer relationships and attracts new customers. Your sales team should be very motivated to call customers, email them or even visit them when possible in order to push the purchase.

Information and technology department

Information is the key to all business challenges that you come across. Having access to well organized and represented information is crucial to business processes. Business Intelligence system allows for better and informed decision-making, strategic planning and result oriented actions in the business process. Stratacent provides data driven solutions for business based on the volumes of data generated from regular operations every day. It provides software solutions that allow you complete control over your business’ data and data integration with immediate access for authorized persons. The data goes through comprehensive analysis with a high degree of confidentiality so that you can maximize your business benefits from the data resources that you have.


Beth Hathaway is a business management consultant who encourages business to invest more in information technology. You can find more solutions for data integration and management through the blog.

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