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The internet is a really powerful tool that is being used across the globe now. A few decades ago it was nothing more than the dreams of many people. There are those who wished to make video calls and now they are able to do that. There are those who wanted to go shopping outside the country without leaving their homes, it is possible to do that too. Moreover, there are those who wanted to be successful entrepreneurs and now they are able to achieve all that thanks to internet technology.

The advent of internet technology has come to change how people are doing things. There is nothing that you cannot do from the comfort of your house including making millions. There are individuals who are making tens of millions right from their homes. Companies like Amazon, Jumia and others are making lots of money through the internet. However, you would not be able to succeed in online business if you did not take into consideration two vital things: search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

Broad and difficult but must be done

SEO is the reason why some businesses are a successful online and others are not. It is all about the quality of your site and contrary to popular opinion SEO is not just one tactic but rather a number of tactics. The same is the case with internet marketing. It is not just one strategy but several of them meant to bring great success to your business. In order to be successful in online marketing you will have to pay a lot of attention to the quality of products and services that you are providing and also to bring on board a team of the best digital marketers.

In as much as they are a lot of work and they are difficult, internet marketing and SEO must be carried out. If it is any consolation, they are so interconnected that you might not be able to separate the two of them. Therefore, you might be doing online marketing online but in the end, you get to boost the performance of your website on the search engines. It is all about how you go about it. This is why, as aforementioned, you need to bring an expert in SEO or online marketing to help you out. It is assurance that you will not regret it at all.

Popularizing your brand on the internet

Since there are so many strategies that are involved in web marketing, this article will only explore some of the most popular ones. These are the strategies that you cannot afford to fail to use in this day and era.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing will benefit both your marketing campaigns and your SEO activities. Sometime in 2010 or thereabout, Google reveals social signals were part of the factors that are used in ranking. They state that they employed data from the likes of Twitter and Facebook to rank websites. Earlier on the search engine had unveiled its universal search results feature. This is where the traditional search results started featuring videos, pictures and even people’s social media profiles.

Many are the companies that have been able to generate a lot of revenue thanks to their social media marketing efforts. Take for instance Asiana Airlines. This company set up a Facebook campaign and this generated close to $1.4 million PR value for the business. The popularity of the airline shot up by more than 200% with an increase in traffic that was directed to their website. Another company that made use of social media is IKEA. The furniture company wanted to popularize their new shop in Malmo and they used Facebook for that. Social media marketing not only increases the popularity of an entity (individual or corporate) but it also boosts website ranking on the search engines significantly.

  1. Content marketing

This is one of those types of marketing that were previously ignored but then now they are hotter than even social media marketing. Content marketing is basically the creation of content and using it to promote a brand or website. Owing to the fact that internet technology is all over the globe now, people practically live online. They are always looking for something interesting to read. They are constantly trying to learn something new from the internet. Therefore, if you can create this content for them to read then you are assured that you will be successful with your marketing activities.

It is worth pointing out that content marketing is not limited to creation of articles with keywords online. There are people who create YouTube videos- this is where there is the interaction between content marketing and social media marketing. There are other people who are all about photographs and as you know a photo is worth a thousand words. You can tell people the best places to have a vacation in South East Asia by simply using photos a sentence or two. The content creates traffic for a website and brings SEO value.

  1. Link Building

Link building has been murdered every single year with people saying that it is dead and that it will not be useful anymore in the coming year. This is all a lie. Link building is one of the most basic foundations of the Google search algorithm. There is no way it can die not today and not in the near future either. Search engines use the sites that you have linked to in order to index your site. It is a case of the proverbial birds of a feather that flock together. At the same time, link building helps your marketing efforts in that, people are able to connect your site from various other places on the web not just by searching for you on Google directly.


There is no way you can separate online success from SEO and marketing. They have to be done. The best thing about these two activities is that they are intertwined. When you do marketing properly you are able to improve your SEO activities as well. Getting an expert to set up your online marketing campaigns is one of the best things that you can do for your website or product.

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