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Enterprise app development is growing at a fast pace. Everyday thousands of new apps are developed and they compete to secure a better position in app market. There are various approaches that one can follow for developing an application. Every procedure may be different but, make sure you include some of the below mentioned best practices to improve the ranking of the apps.


Before you start developing any app, have complete knowledge about your audience. To appeal mass audience it is important to know what they actually want. Don’t make a mistake to target everybody around the globe and end up satisfying none. Target a specific group based on age, gender, location, etc., and try to provide solutions of their problems.

Solution to a Problem

Your app should provide solutions to the users. If there is any problem that your rival company failed to address then your enterprise must try to solve them. This is the way by which you can ensure a better position than your opponents.


Data and personal information of the user must be secured properly. As mobile apps are vulnerable, in order to meet up expectations of clients in the matter of security and privacy practices such as encryption of data must be included.

Focusing on User Experience

For any app the last resort to success is to satisfy users. If your customers are not satisfied or you got an adverse response of your previous apps, its time to engage in improving the shortcomings.

Learn from Competitors

Keep on looking and testing the apps of your competitors. Learn from their drawbacks and pitfalls. Note down the benefits of their app and any additional feature that they provide in their apps. By doing so you can avoid certain mistakes and make your app stand in competitive environment.


The crucial step during the whole process of app development is testing. After finalization of app, it is important that you test every aspect of the app. If there is any glitch in the app then users will not be interested in downloading the app. Test the app for various platforms and browsers.

Make the App Easy to Understand

If the UI is not easy or flexible and user find it difficult to understand the application then the app will not be a success.

Consider Graphics, Animations, Sizes of Buttons and Icons

It is very important that the buttons and icons in your app must be of perfect size. The size should be big enough that the text on them is visible and at the same time they should not be huge that they cover a large part of the screen. Also do not use too much of graphics and animations in your apps. It will increase the size of the app and will take away the professional look of the app.


Analytics is very important to track user activity, performance, number of active users and downloads. Make a sound investment in analytics to know the success rate of the app. You will also be able to know certain app crash logs and other events.

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