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There are lots of choices for the website maker to create their own websites in minutes without any stress, confusion or complication. The availability of various online tools acts as the perfect guide for creating impressive websites. The simple steps of creating the website for the beginners are as follows:

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  • Select your Domain Name: The Domain Name is the address of your site which ends with .com. Once registered, the address can’t be changed so it requires great care and attention; therefore one must be careful in selecting the branding name of their site. The domain name must be easy to recognize.
  • Web Hosting: The user must sign up with a web host.
  • Install the WordPress: For it no web design knowledge or experience is required and it’s totally a free content management system. The WordPress has unlimited free themes therefore no expense is needed in designing the website template. It has large directory of free plugins which assists in adding the features like shopping carts, forums, photo galleries etc.

To become a great website creator one must have certain traits are necessary which are as follows:

  • Must be a self- learner.
  • Have basic knowledge of key principles, should be fluent in programming designs.
  • Should be smart in selection of right design elements.
  • Excellent problem solver providing the best solutions.
  • Must fix the weekly meeting with their clients regularly.
  • Perfect communication skills.
  • They must be always innovative.
  • Target your market correctlywhich perfectlysuits the customers while creating the designs.
  • Websites created must be fully communicative, so that it may be easily understandable by the clients or users.
  • Be Personable and Friendly.
  • Be creative.
  • Good presentation skills are required.
  • Must have mastery in the responsive designs.
  • Be attentive and pay attention to the little things.

The website builder considers the following parameters while creating an effective and presentable websites. As it is most important to create an attractive and impressive websites for the successful.

Application for the purpose it has been made. The website design depicts the small picture of the whole scenario or it gives an idea for the purpose for which it has been made. The different key elements which must be kept in mind while designing the effective website is as follows:

  1. Appearance

An attractive site always gives the positive impression to the visitors. It’s important to attract or draw the attention of the users by the online website builder bymaking the site most appealing and polished describing about the products and services clearly for which it has been created. For it, the following criteria’s are very important such as:

  • Best color selection
  • Readable text with perfect background and font size.
  • Simple and Clear.
  • Meaningful visual variety of graphics.
  • High quality photography is very important.
  1. Content

The content must be very informative and relevant which increases the visitor’s confidence. For it following guidelines are important as follows:

  • The content must be clear, concise and compelling to grab the attention of visitors.
  • The content must be updated regularly.
  • Use of good writing resource is very important.
  • Appropriate use of flashy graphics and animation which are really tempting.

There are many free website builder who are always ready to assist and guide the visitors or beginners.

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