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If your PC or laptop is not working as well as it once did, do not put it in the bin just yet. Instead, try some of the simple fixes that we have outlined in the rest of this article.

If your computer is running slower

Once a laptop or desktop PC starts to slow down it becomes harder to use. Often, simply taking off any programs that you are not using and defragging the disc will help to speed it up.

Adding more memory can also help. Installing additional RAM is not difficult. All you need to do is to buy the right type, turn off your machine, unplug it, pull your old memory out of the slot and replace it.

Shuts down suddenly

If a PC shuts down without reason, you need to do find out what is wrong and do so quickly. Sometimes cleaning out the fan solves the problem. Doing this allows enough air to circulate around the components to keep them cool enough to function properly. Continuing to use a computer that overheats and shuts down will lead to the chip burning out, which will cost a lot of money to repair.

Not enough peripheral slots

Unfortunately, older PCs and MacBooks come with very few peripheral slots, which can be an issue for modern users. If you still have at least one working USB you can buy a hub and plug it in. This should give you enough slots to plug everything you need into your device.

Find a professional to fix what you cannot

If the above tips do not solve your issues, we encourage you to engage the services of a professional. PC repair in Hallandale from fixapplenow is affordable and fast. This company takes advantage of courier services to offer their services to consumers throughout the country, so it is always worth getting a quote from them.

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