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If you don’t know what you are doing, electricity can be quite dangerous. In fact, each year, electricity-related accidents cause approximately 1,000 deaths. What is even worse is that most of the caused injuries can be prevented and are the result of a homeowner wanting to save a little money by handling electrical issues on their own.

There is no reason to take this risk. A better option is to hire an electrical contractor Philadelphia for service. Keep reading for some of the top signs that a professional electrician’s services are needed.

The Lights Flicker When Appliances Are Turned On

Flickering or dimming lights may seem like more than just a minor inconvenience. This is especially true if the lighting goes back to normal after several seconds have passed. However, flickering lights can also be a sign of deteriorating wiring in the walls going to that light or an overloaded circuit. While this may not be a serious hazard now, eventually, the problem will worsen and may cause more problems and a bigger risk.

Singed Wires in the Fusebox

It is smart to check the fuse box after a few months have passed. Even if it seems like everything is working properly, checking up on everything will let a homeowner find any damaged or singed wires that may need to be replaced. Not only are these wires going to affect the home’s electricity, but they can pose a serious fire hazard, as well.

A Burning Odor in the Air

Have you noticed a mysterious burning odor? If you have, and you finally trace its origin back to your electrical outlet or even the fuse box, there are two things that you need to do right away.

The first is to turn off all power that is going to your home. After you are sure you are safe, contact an electrician.

In many situations, a burning odor is caused by an electrical fire. Even if you have not seen any smoke, you should play it safe can call an electrician for an inspection.

When it comes to electrical issues, you cannot afford to cut corners or ignore a potential problem. As time passes, it will only get worse, and as a result, more expensive to repair. Being informed and knowing the signs of a problem are the best ways to ensure a professional electrician is called in a timely manner before the problem gets worse.

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