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If you want to buy something or use a product, the odds are the first thing you’ll do is go online and do a search. Search engines are a huge source of income for most modern businesses, and where a lot of referrals come from. Whether a potential client searches for you by name, or uses a keyword and geographical area, you’ll therefore want to know that you’re high in the results, and certainly ahead of the competition. That’s why Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is simply the process of getting your site higher in the rankings, but why should you invest in this kind of service for your company?

First page

Research has shown that only a small percentage of people using Google will ever advance to page two of results. That means that unless your company is there on page one, you will get very few clicks from this source. That’s why so many businesses hire a Perth search engine optimisation expert to look at the search results, and give advice on how to get onto that important page one. While some search engines will allow you to pay to advertise, this isn’t always the most effective option, and getting higher in the ranks naturally will improve the number of clicks you get.

Competitive advantage

When working in a global marketplace, it’s important to remain visible and to have the edge over your competitors. A high search engine position indicates:

  • That your company is doing well
  • That your website is up to date and relevant
  • That your company is a strong contender in the marketplace

Having a search result on the first page of Google or other major search engines will cement your place as a competitor in your field, and can help you attract many more clients.

Paid advertising versus SEO

Many companies spend a lot of money on advertising online, from banner ads to adverts at the top of search results, which are supposed to blend in with the page. However, with many more people using advert blockers and similar software, it’s not necessarily the most cost effective solution. That’s why search rankings are becoming so much more important, and could give you much better results than an expensive campaign. With the right people on hand to improve your rankings, you can make the most out of your budget.

For many people, using a search engine is part of their everyday routine, and it can often affect what they purchase and the services they use. From finding a home, to doing some everyday shopping, people use the internet for all sorts of things, and in many cases their process starts with a search. By getting higher in the rankings, you put your business name out there, and ensure that the potential clients searching for your services or products come across your name, With millions of search results for some queries, it’s therefore important to be as high up as possible.

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