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There are innumerable WordPress themes available to choose from especially if you need to create a listing website. These themes make it possible for you to save time and money and also receive top-notch theme support as well as keep up with the latest technologies. But how do you monetize your directory website? This post looks at the different methods you can use to make money from your website.

Sell Directory Listings

When you want to monetize a directory website, the default option is usually to sell directory listings. However, this is also the most challenging way to monetize your website since most of the people listing with you will first want to see their return on investment. To do so, you have to prove that your site has adequate traffic and that you can generate significant traffic through referral traffic to your customer’s listings.

There are several plugins you can use to help people pay for listings on your directory website. However, before you select a plugin, look at the total cost of using it and not just the initial setup cost.

Pay Per Click Ad Networks

How much revenue you generate through Pay per Click (PPC) will depend on the amount of traffic your site generates. The more the traffic the more potential revenue you will make. Other than that, PPC ad networks are popular options because they are easy to start.

The difficult part about using PPC ad networks is choosing the ad network to use and where to place your ads. Focus more on the popular networks and do some research before committing to a network.

Private Ad Placement

If you used WordPress directory themes to create a site that is specific to a niche, you might find it easier to generate money by selling advertising directly. Although this option takes longer, it is great since you don’t have to adhere to the policies of ad networks. You will also be free to negotiate your rates as the traffic to your site increases.

To sell advertising space, you will need to create a media kit or an advertising sales page. This should describe your site, the content you produce as well as details on traffic statistics.

Locally Sponsored Posts or Articles

Sponsored articles or posts are a great way to generate revenue on a directory website. Tailor sponsored posts to your niche. For example, if you wish to create a directory site on businesses, interview business owners and feature their posts or articles about them and their business.

Affiliate Products

The ease of making money with affiliate products will depend on the niche of your directory. If you are targeting travel, consider searching for affiliate offers on travel accessories or programs. If you are looking for specific products, you can use Amazon. This is easy to start and gives you control over the ads that will be placed on your site.

The above suggestions will help you get started once you create your directory website. Make sure you choose an option you are comfortable using. The more knowledgeable you are in an option the better.

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Brenda Mercy is an online marketer based in Los Angeles. She relies on WordPress directory themes to generate revenue from her listings sites and also to generate traffic for her clients.

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