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The prior art information service helps you to detect whether your information already has a pre-existing similar form or not, which is also called the prior art. Many inventors do the mistake of not conducting the proper prior art research. To ensure that your invention or development is a novel one, read on to know when you must have the prior art research done.

Before starting your research

Whenever you are about to begin a research, you must conduct a prior art analysis. The analysis will give you the entire picture as to whether you should further carry on the research or not. The analysis detects the already existing developments. On the basis of the results of the prior art research you can embark to any novel invention.

During the research

Most likely, even after you establish your project work on the basis of the results, your research work may tend to enter the unknown territories. Plus, while your project is ongoing there would be many other inventions coming up. So there is always a need of a constant watch over the latest inventions and publications. It will keep you up to date with all the progress happening around the world.

Before implementing a new product or process

At the end of the day, a novel invention or technology is meant to be implemented as an application. Before commercializing the new product, it is very important to ensure that the similar prior art isn’t owned by any other party. A deeper search is needed to be done to ensure the “freedom of operating”. The search will detect the evidences that can cause a hindrance to the exploitation of the new invention or development. It is necessary to do so because many patents have a clause that excludes others to use the particular invention. So if your invention has a prior art with such a patent then you will have a tough time.

How to ensue?

Prior art research services are available out there. If you are in search of a highly experienced prior art researcher then get in touch with Garry Kitchen. He is a professional consultant/expert witness for the fields like video games, mobile software development and patents, Internet and search-related patents and so on.

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