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How much traffic is driven to your site, how much lead is generated and what is the percentage of conversion that ultimately happens depend on the one and only determinant – keyword ranking?  It needs no mention how important it is for search engine optimization because it is the reason why SEO exists. There is a mad scramble for securing a place on the first page of the search result page because the majority of searchers do not look beyond it. The competition for ranking for a profitable keyword phrase is so intense and fierce that at times it can turn gruesome. You can stay away from it at your risk because there is no better way to improve search rankings. Riding on keywords that pull up the rankings by a few notches is the goal of every SEO campaign.

Keywords help you in two ways – your ranking is improved, and you can beat the competition, and secondly, it acts as a prop to support your efforts in maintaining the position.  To beat the competition in keyword ranking start thinking out of the box because all techniques that you have heard till now have become quite traditional and did not add value to your efforts.  To cut a long story short, look at the best performing page of your competition and devise strategies to outrank it. The page has proven to be successful, and you have to emulate it in your way to get mileage from it. Read on to know how you can do it.

Collate the page statistics

Once you have identified the best performing page of your competition, carry out a thorough post mortem to understand what elements have worked well for it.  The process involves gathering as much data as possible about various performing aspects of the page. You can learn a lot from the data about how each element has contributed to the success and then use this learning to devise your strategy that can become more potent.

See what kinds of content are published on the page, how titles have been used, from where the backlinks are originating and a host of many other data. Look at the type of hyperlink anchors, tags (H1, H2, and H3) as well as follow and do follow links. The data that you gather, when analyzed correctly, reveals the secrets of success that places you well to go ahead.  Make use of some SEO analysis tool to fetch the data that has the power to beat the competition.

Recreate but do not copy

Taking cues from competition must be inspirational to recreate new things based on it but under no circumstances, try to copy it.  You must aim at doing what your competition has done but have to ensure that you do it much better. Doing this on your own is not easy, and it is better to seek professional SEO services to accomplish the tasks well. Professionals can apply advanced techniques of fishing out the competitor’s link-worthy content and improve it further. Then they arrange to promote it by connecting with influencers.  It is a three-step process – start by checking the top backlinks of the competitor, identify the contents that had the most influence on rankings and then make the content better.  In the following paragraphs, you will come to know about how exactly the content is improved.

Content must be rich in visuals

The first and foremost requirement for improving the appeal of the content is to make it as much visual based as possible. Content that contains images attracts almost two times more views than content that does not have pictures.  You will notice that you are more attracted to content that has graphs, infographics, charts and photographs because it is an innate human tendency to get attracted to visuals. Moreover, communicating through images is often easier than saying it in words. Remember that a picture can speak more than a thousand words and you have to capitalize on it when you want to present better content.

Visuals have high power in optimizing user experience, and it inevitably draws more traffic, is shared much more and at the end, results in more conversion. Make a perfect mix of text and visuals in the content that has the capability of grabbing eyeballs.

Structure the content well that does easy reading

No matter how much quality information you convey through the content take care to see that the content is easily readable. The language must be lucid and easy to understand, but at the same time, you cannot test the viewer’s patience by forcing them to read every line to excavate the information. Present the information in a way so that readers can pick up what they need easily without reading the entire content. Nowadays, users scan and skip the content to concentrate only on the portion that interests them. Structure your content suitably by using bullet points, short paragraphs and plenty of headers. This will make it easy for readers to digest the material very well.

 Check out the technical issues on page

As you want to outrank your competitor of the page that has done well, knowing about the technical problems that affect it will help you to take guard and outsmart them.  Companies like Rankingbyseo.com can advise you on this by suggesting the use of specific tools that point out the technical issues. The issues might relate to the structure of the site, or there can be issues of crawling and indexing and even code glitches. Detecting such weakness and taking measures to avoid it in your campaign will make you confident about doing better than what your competitor does.

When your target is to out-perform a page that has already done well, you start with some clear advantages as you are polishing what someone else has created. There is nothing wrong in it because you are just inspired by others but have done the rest on all your own. This is a quick way of generating quality organic traffic to your website by beating the competition at its own game.

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