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A website is only as good or as relevant as its visitor count. Regardless of what sort of website you run, it is meaningless if there isn’t any traffic coming your way. Fortunately, there are a number of obvious, and not so obvious, methods one can use in order to improve their website’s visibility and drive up traffic accordingly. Increasing the number of hits your website receives isn’t just an excellent marker for how successful your site is, it is also one of the most important metrics when It comes to selling advertising space on your site, a major source of revenue for many website owners.

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The more awareness you can raise about your site’s existence, the more likely it is to attract visitors. There are a variety of different options for approaching advertising in the digital space. There are the more conventional forms such as ‘paid search’ whereby a search engine will assign a greater value to your webpage and encourage it nearer to the top of search results. Then there’s social media advertising, sometimes known as ‘display advertising’, which involves ensuring your brand’s logo appears alongside the social media profiles of relevant celebrities and individuals.  Finally, you’ll also want to look into SEO.  Social media and SEO are described in more detail below.

Social Media

Social media advertising is a form of microtargeted advertising which has gained prominence and controversy for its deployment of big data algorithms; by tracking the behavioral habits, likes and dislikes of groups of users, analytical analysis can be used to identify patterns in groups behavior and determine whether particular groups of people would make good targets for particular adverts.

Social media platforms offer a unique way for fans and corporations, large and small, to interact with one another. By maintaining a social media presence, you widen your potential audience and can take advantage of the various tools and filters different social media sites offer. This allows companies to search for users with specific interests in order to connect with individuals relevant to a brand or product.

Social media also allows for corporations and their user bases to interact and exposes both to brands they might not have otherwise encountered. There is mutual benefit to be found in this exchange of users. For startups and small businesses in particular, the ability to communicate directly with potential clients is a great help in raising brand awareness and making sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is a way of structuring and formatting a website so that when search engines perform their ‘crawls’ to look for new information to index, they ensure their website is included and the correct information is added to the search engine index. An SEO marketing crash course is a great place to start in learning this new skill.

However, you may also want to consult the help of professionals as SEO is a long process that needs to be kept on top of if you want to see results.

Increasing traffic to your website is easier than ever, and by practicing good web design and following best practices when it comes to website coding, your website could soon be rising to the top of those search results lists.

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