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Designing a logo can be difficult and doing it through a designer can also be very expensive. Many entrepreneurs are now opting for logo makers where they can design their own logos or choose from hundreds of templates. If you are thinking of designing your own logo, consider using TRUiC logo maker. It is a great, free tool that offers many options and advice. Make sure to read the tips experts are giving regarding logos while busy with designing a business logo.

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Limit Creative Flourishes and Prioritize Simplicity

Lief Abrahams the CEO and Co-Founder of AND CO says that the most important thing to remember when designing a brand is to keep it as simple as possible. Rather opt for simplicity that over-designing.

Do not overwork the logo, this advice is given from Paul Bies, President of Mystique Brand Communications. He says that adding gradients, shadow or glo is not necessary when designing a logo. The simpler it is, the more memorable it would be.

Avoid Complex Designs

Dont worry too much about detail. Having to print the logo on smaller items the to detailed logo will lose its impact and ends up looking blurry. Liz Jammal, Owner of Vivid Marketing advises that rather have simple colours and block letters so that the logo looks good in any size.

Andrea D Smith, Senior Brand Director of The ADS Agency adds to the simplicity concept. She believes that the days of intricate logos with lots of text are gone. A logo should be social media and web friendly.

Align the Logo with the Brands Purpose

Partner of Amati & Associates, Filiberto Amati advises that logos should have a combination of promise, credibility and relevance. TRUiC advises that logos should be symbolic and identifiable to the company’s purpose.


The logo should be unique and authentic. Each business is different. A logo should be what makes the company unique. David Lamgton, President of Langton Creative Group comments that without the quality of Nike shoes, the Nike logo would be nothing more than a checkmark. When one chooses a logo, do a trademark search with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to check if the logo is not in use by some other company and that is unique to the business.

Think Long Term

“A logo should be designed with longevity and future use in mind.” says Jennifer Andos, the Creative Director of Paperfish Creative. It is important that logos are created in vector format for scalability. It should keep its quality when enlarging or minimising it.

Anne Kleinman the President of Ad Infinitum expresses the importance of knowing where and on which applications the logo will be used. The way a logo looks on a digital platform may not be the best on print. TRUiC’s logo maker allows users to save their logo as SVG format for scalability as well as a PNG file for print and digital marketing.

Colour is Key

“Color is one of the most identifiable components of a visual identity.” says Founder of Logo Geek, Ian Paget. TRUiC also describes how certain colours spark different emotions in people. Make sure to identify the emotion that customers should feel when looking at the logo and colour code accordingly.

Avoid Genetic Typefaces

Use unique but easily readable typography. The Graphic Designer from Illumine8 Marketing and PR, Erik Pitzer says that the most important tip would be to avoid common typefaces. Make the typography unique.

Get an Opinion

Having a few options might be necessary, especially when searching for a logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Ivan Spasojevic the Marketer at Ucraft also advises business owners designing a new logo that having a second pair of eyes to identify things one might have missed is a great idea. As the opinions of people that are trusted and honest of what they think of the logo.

Make it Memorable

A logo is the first impression clients, businesses and investors have of a business. It is very important to make it memorable. Andres Tovar, Chief Commercial Officer of Noetic Marketer recons that having a memorable logo is the most important component of a logo.

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