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Instagram is the one of the growing social media platforms with half of the global population. There are 500 million active users who interact with content shared on Instagram by other people.

In modern times, Instagram has come under the list of most engaging platforms where people and brands share their content and let each other know what they are feeling.

Instagram with such million active users, become the popular platform for brands to promote their products and services.

In order to sustain in the market, almost every brand is using Instagram for their marketing strategies.

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To excel in the competition is tough, thus you have to adopt unique and effective strategies that make strong connections between your brand and customers.

One of the effective marketing strategies is to embed Instagram widget on website. Yes, you heard it right, you can embed Instagram feeds on websites and let your visitors know what people are saying about your brand on social media.

But how to add Instagram widget on a website? Here come Instagram widgets that help in adding unique content to your website and engage your customers with Instagram feeds on the website.

Benefits of Using Instagram Widget On Website

User-generated content is the growing type of content that big brands are using on their website. There might be some reasons why they are u            sing UGC on their website. In order to find this, I have done marketing research to learn that big brands are making UGC as one of the prominent marketing strategies in this growing competitive era.

I have come across a mind blowing fact that 92% of customers are looking for real customers reviews and recommendations, in which social media shared content plays a huge role.

Not only this, there are so many benefits of using social media feeds on your website for promoting your brand.

Engage Customers

On an average, people spend 2 hours and 23 minutes on social media platforms. However, millennials and Gen Z users are increasing on social media day by day and sharing more content on social media.

People like to enjoy what the other people are sharing, talking, and liking on social media in the form of text, images, videos, and whatever.

Embedding Instagram widget on website gives your visitors the same experience as they have on social media. They like to explore more feeds on your website and read what other people are saying.

This increases engagement time of your audience with the brand and they come to know more about products and services instead of reading text on your website.

Build Trust

When people read content shared by people like their own, it increases trust and confidence in the product.

As customer trust is the major issue that brands and businesses are facing in the growing competition, social media content helps to gain and build trust in the customers for their products and services.

When people see positive reviews, recommendations, and media shared by the existing customers, they too have curiosity to buy the same product and want to get the same experience as existing customers are experiencing.

Increase Credibility

Social media content is shared by the customers not by marketers. Customers are not getting paid to share such content, instead they share content with their will.

Customers like to share their feelings and experiences after products and services. In this way it plays a role in Word of Mouth Marketing and people trust what they are saying.

Embedding Instagram widget on website increases authenticity and credibility of the   content and people build trust in your product.

Bring More Traffic

Embedding Instagram widget on website drives more traffic from different social media channels.

As Instagram has millions of active users, when they hear about your brand from their friends and family, they like to visit your website.

They like to check for the products and services availability their friends and other people are talking about. In this way more and more people want to check your website and it will increase traffic. Not only this it will also increase brand exposure and people across globe visit your website.


Thus, it becomes important for brands and businesses to embed Instagram posts on their website. Learn about the best Instagram widgets available on the web to display Instagram feeds on  your website.

Best Instagram Widget For Website


It is one of the most popular social media aggregator help in collecting, curating, and displaying social media feeds on your website.

Taggbox is used by various big brands to embed user-generated content on their website. You can easily embed Instagram feeds on a website with just a few clicks.

You just have to put hashtags, mentions, handles or accounts and it will collect all the feeds from Instagram.

Taggbox offers you wide customization with change in themes, layout, design, style, colors, fonts, etc. according to website needs.

Not only this, you also get a moderation option to profane content and maintain quality of content you are sharing.

After doing personalizing and moderating Instagram feeds you can click to get embed code. Copy the link and embed it on your website on the section where you want to display UGC.


Tagembed is another tool that aggregates user-generated content from several social media platforms. You can select Instagram as a source and collect UGC using relevant hashtags, mentions, handles, or accounts.

It has an easy interface that even anyone can use without any technical expertise.

After collecting feeds, you can personalize it using beautiful themes, designs,layout, size, fonts, colors, etc. and make it resonate with your website design.

Use moderation to make instagram feeds more relevant and effective so that customers find it relevant.

Click to get embed code and paste it on your website in place you want to showcase Instagram feeds.

Final Words

As of now you come to know about the benefits of using Instagram widget on website and how to leverage UGC on websites.

One of the most crucial factors that brands should focus is to use Instagram Widget on websites and make an attractive website to engage customers.

UGC is the element that helps you in increasing trust and credibility of your brand and business.

In order to display Instagram feeds on a website, you have to use the Instagram widget on your website. Use any of these tools to collect and showcase UGC and engage your audience in an effective way.

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