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The idea of working remotely is perhaps becoming second nature for many diligent employees around the world.

For some however, the prospect of remote working is still not sinking in, as the transition from the office to the home can be one of immense compromise.

If you are struggling to get the best out of your remote marketing team and feeling the pressure of remote working, you may want to consider some useful tips on how to boost that all-important productivity, while working on your general morale.

Cohesive Communication

The nature of marketing often demands a great deal of effective communication between not only the members of the marketing team itself, but many other departments within the company.

Remote working can unfortunately have the ability to make people feel isolated and unheard, so encouraging communication can be vital. In this regard, you can use some effective tools to get your teams talking again, such as Slack, a platform that offers your team the chance to communicate quickly and share documents for collaborative purposes.

Alternatives to the consistent use of email can be important, as email can suffer from a lack of agency and clarity, thus leading to confusion and ineffective time management.

Making sure everyone is on the same page about which platform to use is vital for promoting communication across all channels. Due to the variety of platforms available, it might be worth doing some research into which option can best suit the needs of your daily working practices.


Revaluate Your Current Marketing Strategy

If you feel like you are not making enough impact with your current marketing strategy, it could be down to a lack of belief in the current methods used by your team.

You may want to take a look at some alternatives that emanate a greater sense of client-focused personability. For example, if you are conducting a political marketing campaign, you may wish to consider noting the Republican SMS fundraising option, which provides a great alternative to email marketing.

SMS marketing done well can be an efficient way of reaching customers, as it is a direct approach that can increase the engagement aspect of the process. Furthermore, there is a higher likelihood that a customer is going to read an SMS message on their phone rather than another cold email sent from a mailing list.

Make Your Meetings Concise and Swift

Feeling like you are stuck in a meeting for an unnecessary amount of time can hamper productivity rates to no end. To combat this aspect of the working day it can be useful to fully outline the purpose of the meeting beforehand and make sure you have all of your resources prepared.

Implementing a time frame and standing by its parameters is a good way to ensure that you can prioritize your most important points and redirect your time towards better use.

Furthermore, long meetings regularly can lead to employees feeling incredibly disillusioned with their job, so perhaps finding an alternative such as a regular phone call to check up on them can help with motivation as it offers a personal touch.

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