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Amazon a platform that is made to facilitate buyers and sellers. And why not, that’s the only two factors that have made amazon stand where it is today. Amazon is making all the money from the activities performed by the buyers and the sellers on this platform. It derives all its profits from the sellers but of course, these are always the buyers who spend money. This is why buyers remain on priority but Amazon never misses an opportunity to serve sellers. It keeps offering solutions and options that help sellers keep growing with time. Brand analytics is yet another feature to enhance the performance of sellers. It lets sellers get insights into all important factors and makes it easy to enhance sales. A seller can make adjustments after knowing the keywords in top-selling trends. Amazon sales analytics help sellers improve their listings and the content on pages. It is easier to make adjustments when you are able to see things from a whole new perspective.

Several other options available for a brand owner to enhance its brand image on Amazon but nothing matches analytics. Amazon brand registry might just protect your copyrights but it cannot provide you the control you need. The analytics lets you see through the window and helps you grasp opportunities in an even creative manner. The sellers can sell more of their products when they have audit reports at hand. They can improve their performance based on the analytical reports.

How Amazon Brand Analytics Work?

Amazon brand analytics work by providing insights into the matters related to the sales of products on Amazon. Every vendor can check the stats to make adjustments in every important sector. One can make strategic decisions in product and marketing sectors after reviewing the analytics results. Things related to the product portfolios, listings, and marketing can be improved after reviewing the results.

ABA allows brands to view:

  • Keywords based on the best-selling products and the terms that most buyers have used while shopping on Amazon. The analytics are also used to provide the popularity or rank of a keyword used more frequently during different searches for the same product.
  • Search frequency rank allows you to check all of the most clicked ASINs. The specific search term used during those clicks can also be seen in the sales analytics. Such analytics empowers brands for selling more frequently.
  • Click and conversion share. It tells it all about the conversion share and lets a brand decide on whether or not a search term has remained productive over a specific time. Our experts can also tell you more about conversion share.
  • Demographics report that deals with the categorization of customers on the platform. It will provide insights into the age, gender, education, income, and marital status of the buyers. Well-crafted and researched analytics can simply help prepare for a holistic approach towards sales and marketing.
  • Item comparison reports about the top products i.e. items that have been viewed more frequently on the same day. A brand owner can also compare its items by using the item comparison report. It is easier to carve a strategy by selecting the time in which a specific product is searched more frequently by the customers. We can also help you carry a conducive item comparison in a quick time.

This is how Amazon brand analytics work, in general, to help improve reporting for the vendors. It is a tool that generates several useful reports to enhance sales for every seller on Amazon. Every kind of productive reporting leads to improvement in each specific area it addresses in general.

Amazon Brand Analytics 2021 Updates

The program has changed its name back in 2020 but it has continued to make shifts. Now it’s time to review all good updates that can make an impact on your brand and sales thereof.

Aba Is Now Free for Everyone

Amazon brand registry is free to use for every seller since 2020. One can generate all useful reports by using this tool. It is ready to support every seller that wants to make all necessary changes. The idea of improving on daily can be executed by collecting reports from the analytics tool. It will provide you free insights into everything that matters on Amazon. A seller just needs to register on the Amazon brand registry to claim free reports regularly. You can know more about the Amazon brand registry at Olifant Digital.

Aba Is Offering Improved Data and Reporting Features

Just like all other tools Amazon offers, brand analytics is also improving with time. A seller can have properly curated data by just clicking on the tool. Improved reporting features have made it look even useful for the seller. Today, a seller can take a look at the traffic with a click, and, that too concerning the time. Tell you what; that’s not all when it comes to improvements as you can view the growth in traffic nowadays. Amazon sales analytics have simply made it easier to enhance sales. One can also track the performance of products and listings by checking the conversion rates here.

5 Metrics One Should Track with Aba

All experts recommend checking the following metrics regularly as it will let one make all necessary changes on a swift basis. A business can operate at an optimum level only when it is served with all vital reports. Reporting makes it easier to improve on Amazon. The following five metrics are vital to monitor when it comes to professional tracking.

  • Sales diagnostics
  • Traffic diagnostics
  • Pre-orders
  • Forecast and inventory planning
  • Customer behavior

All of the above-described factors are vital to monitor for every seller. ABA simply offers it free to monitor things on the go. And, one can surely make marvels after viewing and reviewing the details related to sales and traffic. It does not matter whether you are to deal with Amazon SEO or have to manage product listings, analytics will always bring you the data you need. You can even track customer behavior by using this wonderful tool on Amazon.

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