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Contrary to popular opinion, Craigslist is not the only site where you can place classified listings to sell your stuff. Of course you know that by now. What you probably do not know is that you can create your own classifieds website with such tremendous ease. This is why there are content management systems like WordPress. This system allows you to get your website running within a matter of seconds. All that you need to do is get the best WordPress classified themes. You will be open for business very fast.

A classified website brings with it a whole lot of moneymaking opportunities. These might come from paid listings and ads, plus a bunch of other avenues. Therefore, if you have been thinking of starting an online business then you should not have a problem doing so. You can transform your basic WordPress website into a fantastic classified website with these themes. Some of the best of them all include the likes of:


  1. Classifier

If there is a theme that is fabulous; then it must be this one. Developed by Color Labs Project, this theme offers a clean layout offering a very easy way for the frontend users to access what they need and the backend makes adding, customizing and removing ads effortless. You also have the option of making your site a free or a paid classifieds website. Memberships are also customizable and it is one of the most user friendly themes for classifieds sites.

  1. ClassifiedEngine

This is the perfect place to start out. It brings with it a multitude of features including modern features that will not be going out of style any time soon after you make your purchase. This powerful theme is built in such a way that it helps you to monetize your website very fast using advertisements. You are free to choose between multiple payment plans where your advertisers place a few ads. The placements expire after a given period of time. It allows for images to be added to the ads by the users.

  1. ClassiPress

Anyone interested in setting up their classifieds site within a matter of minutes can trust this theme to do that for them. You do not need to do a single thing about coding and customization, this theme offers you everything you need. The homepage is totally customizable as it comes with a package of five color schemes and two varying page layouts. You can also create some membership packages based on some terms and conditions that you come up with. There is also the social account login feature- a fantastic feature for users.

Make money from your classifieds site

As mentioned above, classifieds websites are among the fastest ways to make really good money online. One of the methods to monetize such a site is to use advertisements. There are also the paid memberships. These are not uncommon particularly on dating websites. These conditional memberships bring in quite a significant amount of money to classifieds sites. All that you need to do is to get the themes and get started.

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