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Salesforce data integration is now made easy and code-free thanks to MuleSoft’s This web-based needs no software download. It allows Salesforce customers to speedily import, export as well as transform data utilizing a simple and truly uncomplicated web interface. is actually set on the firm’s CloudHub iPaas.

MuleSoft’s is effective in transforming the landscape for exactly how the cloud integration solutions are able to share data as well as process among on-premise, legacy and cloud. From architectural point of view the is actually an integration app that is set on the firm’s CloudHub iPaaS. This implies that unlike numerous other data loading tools that are used by Salesforce, the necessitates absolutely no software downloads and that it is fully cloud-based.

Need for a Next Generation Data Loader

By integrating CloudHub and MuleSoft is able to solve some extremely critical issues for Salesforce clients. Most importantly, you do not any longer require writing special connectors by using Apex, Programming language of Salesforce. Apex has been there for a decade or so, but has been a cause of concern for numerous Salesforce users. As a result, the company has been urging cloud integration firms like MuleSoft to develop a cloud-based way of loading, extracting and syncing data with

MuleSoft’s is a welcome alternative to the original Salesforce data loading device which was quite difficult to be implemented. is known for providing filters, data mapping, and other effective services for minimizing the intricacy relating to Salesforce data sharing.

Salesforce users may have numerous data fields or may be 50 diverse variations on accounts. So it becomes really user-friendly experience if they are in a position to simply type in accounts then use mapping or filters for simplifying the number of options or steps required. Data loader is effective in saving and running audit histories for users to keep track of what has been imported and exported. Visit to learn more about innovative next generation data loaders for Salesforce. Key Features

Login with Salesforce: You are able to log in simply and automatically using your existing credentials. You do not need to create any new account. There is also no need to insert special security tokens.

Account ID lookup: You can now go ahead with identifying account names as well as account IDs while importing without any need to use Excel VLOOKUP.

Web-based: Now you can conveniently import, export as well as delete any data in Salesforce, simply by using a web-based interface. You do not require any software download.

Data mapping: Now you are able to build data mappings easily along with keyword shortcuts.

Task History: The point to be noted is that whatever tasks that have been imported, exported and deleted are actually saved and they in reality stay intact for a month. These can be rerun whenever needed.

Export filters: Now you are able to speedily search or filter or even select fields while exporting based chiefly on custom criteria.

Unlimited data usage: Now you may import, export and even delete limitless rows of data.

CloudHub’s iPaaS: Core Components

SaaS Operations Center: Offers proactive alerts and real-time notifications across all customer sites in the event of issues and provides a multi-tenant portal for monitoring, managing and maintaining integrations. This allows SaaS users or providers to keep a steady watch over the performance apps via dashboards.

Graphical Data Mapping, Transformation: This helps Sis and vendors to develop as well as deploy integration apps. There is no need to write custom code as you can utilize the drag-and-drop Mule Studio interface.

Self-Service Portals: This allows users to manage integrations independently. This helps to minimize dependency on developers. It also reduces support calls.

Cloud Connector ToolKit: Best for simplifying the development of new cloud connectors for any private or even public web API.

Process Orchestration: Effective in integrating and automating business process across all cloud applications or on-premise apps.

Integration, Connector Gallery: You now have access to over 20 convenient to install integration applications and more than 100 cloud connectors that are best for data loading, data integration, and also, API enablement for developing and hosting open REST APIs.

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