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Financial websites are constantly embracing new technology, and today, you can almost bank without ever going to the actual bank. Gone are the days of long queues at the bank to do simple transactions. In addition, responsive website design has made it possible for customers to access these online banking services through virtually any devices, from smartphones to tablets and laptops. The following are just some of the free tools you are likely to find on financial websites.

Currency converters

These currency converters make it extremely easy to know how much money you can find in one currency compared to another. This makes work a lot easier when transferring money abroad or even making international purchases. The currency converters are updated with the latest currency conversion rates around the world based on global currency costs. Currency converters often have detailed databases to cover as many currencies around the world as possible.

Digital wallet

Digital wallets make it extremely easy to budget and plan for spending with online banking. These digital wallets securely store payment information for various payment methods. People can use digital wallets to purchase items online easy and fast using near-field communications technology. Consumers can also use digital wallets to store virtual loyalty cards and digital coupons. It is advisable to have a very strong password for your digital wallet to avoid hacking. Digital wallets make it easier to monitor spending and for coming up with a saving routine especially when under debt review.

Online financial planners

Many people today often have a hard time planning their finances, especially young individuals new to the employment or business world. There are numerous online tools available on financial websites that you can use to make a financial plan for your personal spending or even a small business. These financial planners allow you to detail your spending for every month, calculate what you need to save to meet your savings targets and organize paying your bills at the end of the month. There are also many resources that come along with this planner giving tips on saving, investing and spending money wisely.

Online trading platforms

Online trading platforms allow for a greater range of investors to get involved in the trading world. Small investors with as little as $100 can start trading online and make money without paying costly stockbrokerage fees. Online trading platforms provide a real time trading experience with more control granted to the investor on which moves to make.

Automatic saving applications

Let’s admit it, finding the discipline to save is the biggest problem for most people. With automatic savings applications on financial websites, you can set an automatic savings command that will deduct a specific amount of money from your account at the same time every week or month and transfer it to your savings account. You no longer have to worry about dividing your income into savings and expenditure since it happens automatically. This application makes it easier to get accustomed to spending a fixed amount of money every month since you relinquish control to whatever goes into savings.


John Caesar is a financial advisor with a debt review firm. Visit his blog to read more about where to find these online tools.

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