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As a network administrator, the success and efficiency of your job depends on the qualities and features of the network software tools you use. Monitoring the performance of your network is one of your main responsibilities and any glitches will be blamed on your incompetence.

To ensure smooth running of operation in your workplace and better business management, choose a network software tool with the following essential features:

  1. Mobile integration

In this time and age, almost every employee or network user can work from a smartphone or a tablet. Since you may not be in the office at all times, this feature will benefit you as well. Network software with system integration and support for use in Android or iOS devices are very important.

This integration will give you the chance to set up customized triggers that will alert you whenever there are threats. You will also be able to track network outages or detect bandwidth overuse that may expose the network to threats.

  1. Visibility features

An intuitive network software tool should have a visualization system for monitoring progress and performance within your network. The best tools have user interface dashboards that serve as the network motherboards that protect the entire network. Monitoring metrics on the dashboard is a valuable feature for any network administrator because this is you gateway to detecting and visualizing threats before they occur.

Trends and graphs on the dashboard will be used to gauge the performance and efficiency of the network. Server issues and router issues will be addressed before they happen. With an intuitive user interface, your reaction to network health issues will be prompt and precise in preventing catastrophic situations.

  1. Dynamic

Static network tools will not be able to offer robust security to your network given the evolving security problems faced by all people in the IT industry. Your network configuration tool should be at a position to provide high security to your network and also respond to changes in your network.

This feature offered is exploited by networking tools with RightitNow Software so as to meet the constant need to monitor new devices and trading information. Therefore, you must have a networking tool that will monitor and track performance in all old and new devices using your network infrastructure.

  1. Tracking

A networking tool MUST track all activities of the network. Devices, speed, bandwidth and associated applications should be tracked accurately and consistently. Tracking bandwidth is very important because it is the main determiner of the network speed. General bandwidth use as well as specific user bandwidth activity should be tracked at all times. This can be a good indicator of potential threats to the system.

Slow network speeds also make your network vulnerable to attacks therefore, the monitoring on the dashboard will help you ward off any threats by increasing bandwidth speeds or removing the cause of the slow speeds.

  1. Cloud storage

You should be able to store your software settings and data on the cloud. This is a good backup for your data and you must work with companies with robust security systems for cloud data storage and access.

In conclusion, good network software should be able to detect problems and resolve any of those problems within a short time to ensure that safety of data is maintained at all times. Automated alerts will give timely information on threats. Ensure that the software meets these standards and is suitable for your business before use.

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