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The global CRM market is shattering all previous records and is now thought to be worth over $30 billion dollars annually. New innovations such as cloud based ecommerce CRM software technology is helping this skyrocketing industry reach new heights, and ultimately providing more value to their customers.

Cloud CRM has been around for a while now. It’s used by organizations to better manage their customer relations in many ways, and can even tell when a lead is most likely to end with a sale. The rise of cloud based CRMs is allowing businesses to take this ultra-important information with them out on the road.

With the new world of CRMs focusing on using cloud systems, the need for a hardwired home base for your customer relation management system is a thing of the past. Businesses will no longer need to manually install the software onto a computer. Recent advancements mean that you can access this information from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Primary Benefits

There is a wide range of benefits associated with cloud based CRM software. We’ll take a look at at the immediate ones here for you.

  • Agility: allow information to be shared throughout your organization with just a few clicks, and giving your teams the much needed data that they need to excel with new projects
  • Saving: Cloud CRM software runs on a monthly subscription model with many different options available. This means you can find a price option that suits your small business and scale up as you grow.
  • Flexibility: With the saved money from not needing to invest in computer infrastructure, you can spend more on marketing and finding new product niches or service options for your business.

4 Immediate Business Gains From Cloud CRM

  1. Immediate Savings – Due to the nature of the cloud based models, businesses will no longer need to invest heavily in highly complex IT infrastructure. This is because all the processing is done off site by servers based over the internet.
  2. Customization – Because every CRM is unique, current software allows you to change things as you wish. With the option of having a branded package and ranging all the way to customized metric tracking, you can truly create a unique CRM for your team.
  3. Anytime Access – As the service runs on the internet, it’s always open for business, something that is particular relevant with cloud computing. Give your workforce the edge they need and allow them to access the data from anywhere, at any time.
  4. Productivity – Help your staff make more of their time by outsourcing mundane tasks and bean counting to the software. This lets your team focus on the tasks that further the business and bring in more profits.

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