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What Is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In a nutshell, a CRM tool will allow you to manage your customer data and interactions. CRM software comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is very important to do some research into what software best suits the needs of yourself and your business. The best way to learn about different ecommerce CRM software is by comparing various programs side by side and knowing what to take from the reviews you can find online.

Most CRM software companies will try and sell you on a wide range of bells and whistles that the software contains. However, there are only a limited amount of features which can truly help your business. It is crucial when researching to make sure the ecommerce CRM software reviews you read touch on these six topics.


Integrating a piece of CRM software into your business should be simple and easy to use. There is absolutely no point in using a piece of software that none of your employees can work out how to use. Simplicity is key when running any business and you need to make things very easy to use, especially with something as important as CRM software.

Remote & Mobile Access

Your CRM system should have the option for data inputting and reviewing from anywhere in the world. If you can only view it in the office, you are wasting hundreds of opportunities to gain value from the software when you are out on the road at trade fairs and meetings.

Built-in Analytics

CRM software must have built-in analytics that can give the user instant access to crucial metrics and data. This feature will help you make decisions when it comes to generating more sales and marketing, as well as give you the results of previous campaigns.

Campaign Management

Any CRM software you decide to use must have a strong campaign management feature. This feature should allow you to view every stage of a campaign from the early concept stage all the way through to the final launched campaign, offering you vital information at every step of the process.


Modern business is a truly flexible thing, with hundreds of differences and variables in every single company out there. The CRM software needs to reflect this and as such, should be highly customizable in order for it to become truly valuable to you and your employees.

Lead Generation & Follow-up

Lead generation options in your CRM software is your bread and butter. When it comes to generating new customers the software needs to have an easy to use function for this. It is also extremely important to follow up on old leads; as some customers may take months to decide on a purchase.

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