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Good PDF software is not just meant to be a PDF reader. Most people are so used to the free versions of PDF readers that they think that the free version is all there is to it. However, the PDF format and what you can do with it is not just defined by what you can do using the free PDF software, you can do much more as is illustrated below.

Below are just 4 of the many things that you can do with a PDF document and good software:

  1. Edit a PDF

Most people have never thought that it is possible to edit a PDF directly from the PDF software. In fact, most people think that it is not possible to edit a PDF. The truth is, most people are used to using free versions of PDF software that are quite limited in their capabilities.

If you have good PDF software, you can easily edit PDFs. All you have to make sure is that you are the author of the document or that you have the consent or password from the author of the PDF.

  1. Create forms that you can electronically fill in

It is in the news more and more that doing things electronically while avoiding paper is the way of the future. Well if it is, the PDF format will most likely be very helpful in transitioning us to that future.

With current generation, good PDF software, you can convert a physical document that is a fillable form into an electronic form or a fillable form in Microsoft Word format (meant to be printed) into an electronically fillable PDF format.

It has certainly become much easier to view and edit documents nowadays because computers, laptops and tablets have become more widespread and cost effective than ever before. This makes it easier and more cost effective to distribute fillable forms electronically, have them filled in and sent back to their authors for analysis, collection of data or for storage.

  1. You can review and edit PDF Documents as a group

You probably also did not know that you could edit annotate, and review documents just as you would with most other document formats including Microsoft Word documents. With the good PDF software, you could team up with colleagues to edit documents and even track who made which edits.

You could also make e-mail based reviews, and shared reviews very social and interactive by editing a document in the cloud and having other people participate.

  1. PDFs can be read out loud

One of the cool things that you could do with good PDF software is that you can have good PDF software use the language engine in your computer or Smartphone to read out aloud a PDF document for you. This can be very helpful when you are driving or when you just want to lie down and listen for example.

As you can see there is a lot to do with good PDF software. Try one today!

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