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You will find Subway Surfers just about everywhere. In fact, chances are you have seen someone playing this game on their smartphone. It has an infinitely cool art style to it and the game is driven to the top of the charts with its ‘move as far and fast as you can’ addictive gameplay mechanics.

Players looking to get the most from the game need to learn the ultimate ways of approaching it. There are new characters, power-ups and various missions you will have to master while running through the subways.

Stay High

Moving your character around the dangerous tracks in this game means a great deal of dashing, running and jumping. The safe way of making your run is by jumping and running on top of the trains. When you stay high, you will experience an easier run that is not loaded with obstacles. Jumping off the train and moving in mid-air will move your character in a diagonal motion. Diagonal movements and jumps will get you pretty far.


When spending coins on a hoverboard, you will need to understand their specific abilities as well. A hoverboard only lasts 30 seconds and once you’re hit, they become unusable.


  • Super Sneakers: These will have you running much faster and leaving the guard in your dust
  • Jetpack: Gives you the ability to fly over the obstacles and trains while getting you coins during the process
  • 2X Multiplier: While active, it doubles your score
  • Coin Magnet: Collects the coins around you while active

The Powerups You Should Be Using

Starting your game, the best powerups to equip yourself with are the Jetpack and the Coin Magnet. Collecting as many coins as you can in the starting parts of your game will make it simpler for you to buy more single use items. When it comes to the jetpack, it also gets you lots of coins and keeps you away from dangerous situations. Once you are ready to get those high scores, it’s time to activate the 2X Multiplier. Keep upgrading to this powerup and you will ultimately reach the X30 Multiplier. Upgrade the Super Sneakers and the Jetpack and you will enjoy safer runs.

Get More Coins

Do all you can do to get more coins. This will involve doing daily missions, watching the videos and other tasks. Collect all the letters of a given word that you will find along the tracks to earn coins. You need to ensure you are connected to the internet to get the daily challenges. After 5 days straight of doing these missions, you get a super mystery box.

Share this game with your family and friends on Facebook and you will get 5000 coins. Complete mission sets increases your Multipliers. When playing Subway Surfers at, if you thought the 2X was good, wait until you get the 30X.

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