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Mobile Telemetry

Mobile Telemetry has different benefits in the health sector for monitoring vital signs of patients. Various diagnostic outcomes can be obtained from the system through different monitoring devices like Event or Holter monitor.

Methods and Materials: After a research, it was proved that the diagnostic tests of patients can be controlled through mobile telemetry. Various technologies like pre / post test control methodology can be ensured in the right manner for testing patients according to age, geographical location, and cardiovascular status.

Process of Telemetry: Mobile telemetry in cardiac system can monitor patients with help of small sensors. If there is any occurrence of cardiac events, the mobile cardiac telemetry can immediately transfer data from center for analysis and proper response. After the analysis, the reports are sent to the physician of patients in form of graphs. After these diagnostic reports, medical therapy can easily be started on patients.

Patients can get benefits from Holter and Event Monitors as they are small devices and portable in nature. There is a small line of distinction between Holter and Event monitor as Holter can record echocardiogram of patients for 24-48 hours while the Event generally keeps record of 30 day period.

Different studies were undertaken to prove the successful clinical standpoint of mobile cardiac telemetry. Now various health centers, clinical labs and hospitals are adopting with this telemetry system to improve their monitoring services.

Let us go through various analyses and understand why this process is beneficial in various ways?

Analysis 1: Diagnostic Outcome: In this yield, patient has to meet several conditions like

  • Using any cardiac device either Holter or Event Monitor
  • After launching the database , you are required to install the monitoring device post 12 months and pre 12 months before coming to conclusion
  • Prior to the usage of monitoring device, there must not be any diagnosis codes of International Classification of Diseases.

If you are not clear with this analysis, you can always refer for further clarification. You are required to maintain some assumptions with number of patients before using the devices and that particular group after using the devices.

Analysis 2: Drug Management: Though similar to the 1st analysis, patients will have to undergo several conditions for obtaining advantages from telemetry system.

  • Here also you are required to use either Holter or Event monitor. You cannot use both the devices simultaneously
  • Patients should also not use any Anti arrhythmic drug before using this particular monitoring device

You are required to take a sample group of patients where they are using the drugs before using the monitoring devices and that group after the usage of telemetry monitoring system.

Analysis 3: Cost Saving in Hospitals or Health Centers: If you want to analyze the cost part of your hospital, you need to divide your patients in two different groups where one group uses the Holter monitor and the other uses the Event monitor.

Patients are required to meet the following conditions in this case:

  • They should be using the same drug like anti-platelets, anticoagulant , anti hyperlipidemic
  • They must experience same diagnosis like peripheral artery disease, acute coronary syndrome, hypertension and different cardiovascular conditions
  • They must have used various cardiovascular resources for comparing different cardiac monitors

All studies and research will result in positive outcomes for the benefits of telemetry in health care sector. You can monitor patients from various locations as there are many portable sensor devices used in the hospitals. As the diagnostic reports are transferred directly to the concerned physician, you need not carry your diagnostic reports with you all the time for consultation.

Author Bio: Samuel Johnson is a well known telemetry technician who works in In this article, he is sharing the advantages of using the mobile telemetry in the healthcare sector.

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