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There are about 24 time zones around the world, each using independent standard times. When you travel across different time zones, time moves in a much different way than it would if you were stationary. It becomes much harder to tell time if you have travelled over more than one time zone. The worst part is that you cannot use the duration of the flight or trip to determine the accurate time at your landing location based on the time you left. You need a time zone converter tool to help you adjust to the new time in a different time zone

What is a time zone converter?

The time zone converter is a unique tool that uses the off set of different time zones from UTC or GMT time to tell the exact time in a different location. You can find the time calculators online where you enter the name of a city you want to travel to and you will instantaneously receive a time conversion based on the time zone that it is located.

You need to understand the terminologies used in international time to use the converter effectively. The location is often the country or city whose time you need to know, while ‘local time’ refers to the current time in the given location. The time zone given is where the city is located on the world time zones map. Finally, the UTC offset is often given. This is the difference in time from the Universal Coordinated Time. The UTC often can vary in minutes or hours. Remember, it is not the time difference between two locations but the given location and the UTC line.

Why use a time calculator

Some of the benefits of using a time calculator include:

  • Plan your meetings ahead of time: relying on your watch alone may cause you to be late for crucial business meetings overseas. The online time calculator can help you plan your time down to the minutes and seconds. You can input the time you need to be in, in the different city and compare this with the local time to plan when to depart and the expected time of arrival.
  • Conducting worldwide business: conducting global business depends greatly on time. Whether you need to make a crucial phone call or plan a video conference, you need to find the best time to contact representatives from different parts of the world to do business. Using the time calculator, you can target the business working hours in a different country and even impress potential business partners by your timeliness.

Plan projects: the duration between two dates may vary when correlated between one time zone and the other. You need to use a time calculator to determine the duration of time between two dates when planning international projects that need to stick to a specific time line. This feature is particularly useful when planning international events where you need to inform your audience in advance about the event.

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