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If you want to build a website, then a good expired domain can decrease your efforts a lot. It will reduce the amount of investments and will also decrease the time. But, when you want to rank high in the search engines, you must check few things before considering buying the deleted domains.

Higher Moz Authority:  The Moz authority can provide accurate results and can also be considered as the best alternative of Google Page rank. It is also based on quality, number of back links and many other complicated factors. The good score from the domain authority of Moz must be 30 at least. But if you verify other things and find the score very close to that, you can also go with that domain. The Moz Authority cannot be easily manipulated like the Page Rank.

Backlinks from Unique IP:  Compare the total number of back links whether they are coming from unique IP addresses or not. There can be few IP addresses which are common but make sure all the backlinks are not coming from a single IP address. It may be a signal of spam. The referring domains and the total number must be compared to avoid all the spammy links. For example, if you observe that the domain has hundreds of links but with only two IP addresses, you must stay away of it. On the other hand, if you observe hundreds of links from hundreds of IP addresses, you can definitely move ahead.

Avoid Alexa Traffic:   Alexa rank cannot be a good metric to measure the quality of the domain. For comparing the keywords and the traffic, Alexa is not considered to be the right tool.  When you want to buy just expired domains, never consider the Alexa rank as the source of traffic can be entirely wrong.

Links from Gov and Edu Sites:  The backlinks from the Gov and Edu sites can provide real value to the domains. If you can spend some time every day on the research, you will surely find many quality sites with the Gov and Edu links. They can provide a boost in the ranking but you must consider other factors properly. Ensure that the sources of the back links are real and are not just spam comments.

Domain Trust:  You can find domain trust in some of the sites. To obtain the accurate results, you must use some good tools. Though there is no exact number by whom you can judge, still it is advisable that the domain trust remains at least 15 in number for the citation flow.

Google Index:  The indexing factor is a bit confusing to understand. If you cannot find any indexed pages, it cannot be said for sure that the site has been penalized. It can only be valid if the domain remains offline for some days or weeks. Check whether the domains are online for weeks or months.

Avoid Google Page Rank: Many tools are available in showing the real Page Rank for the domains. It can be the case that the page rank is not being updated for some years. Google may also have stopped updating the toolbar and have focused on other essential things. Therefore it must not play a vital role in choosing the expired domain.

There are many tools that are available on the internet that can help you in finding the expired domains. Make sure you filter the domains and get rid of its fake page ranks. You can also use preferred languages and you can download your targeted domains in a text file. Make sure you do not fall into a trap of fake page ranks and domain authority.

Author Bio:  Peter Johnson is an SEO professional. In this article he is talking about the just expired domains and the different things to check before buying them.

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