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Are you an Apple customer? Are you well versed with your gadget? Do you need to call customer support for technical advice on your device? And, are you at the countryside or even in another continent that isn’t the UK?

Well, since you cannot access Apple’s Genius bar technical center for the problem to be fixed, or you feel like the problem can be resolved through a phone conversation, then a call center and a responsive Apple customer agent is important. Unfortunately, it isn’t as it sounds, you can attest that getting through the help phones can be an excruciating task.


This shouldn’t be. The following tips will help you place that call more easily:

  1. Correct country

Are you calling Apple center using the number for your home country, or the country you are currently in? Apple has different numbers for different countries. Before calling, you should ensure that you have the correct Apple contact number for the country you are in. Failure to dial the correct number results in waste of time, money, and causes a high level of frustration. The support option on Apple’s website has more information if your country isn’t listed.

  1. Do you have your device’s serial number?

As long as you are calling the Apple support UK help desk for information on your device, which is the main reason why you will call, you should have your device’s serial number. Equipped with this information, the customer service support agent will be in a better position to recommend the best solutions for your product. You will not receive any help with your gadget without the serial number and your Apple ID.

  1. The earlier the better

Usually, problems are easily managed when dealt with when they first appear or happen. This applies to your gadget too. In almost all cases, after placing the call to the customer support agent, you will be asked to take your device to a technician.

Since this is always the case, you should report a technical hitch as soon as you notice it. Appointments take even months before the problem is resolved and therefore reporting early will save you time and even money.

  1. Research

There is a lot of information on Apple’s products and services online. Before calling, you should go online to the Apple website and look up the information you require. This will save your resources because the information needed could be clearly published online. This will also save you the trip to a technician if you have a Genius bar center in your vicinity.

  1. Be calm

It is normal to be angry and disappointed with a service or a product. However, you shouldn’t take your frustrations out on the customer service representative attending to you. Most of these representatives and agents aren’t technical experts in Apple gadgets and they may not be ina position to help. They are also not in a position to authorize exchanges or refunds.

In conclusion, get the correct phone number, have your serial number and Apple ID, don’t wait for the problem to go away on its own, be patient, be calm, and be pro-active.

Author Bio

Olivia Dunham is an executive customer service representative at Apple Support UK. She is also an Apple Techie and when not writing, or resolving technical issues, she swims and cooks. Read her blog to learn more about Apple Support.

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